Nico is here!!

Welcome to the party for Nico Royse!!

The Labor Story:

So after the OB visit on Wednesday, it was determined that the size of the Beast (the player to be named later Nicholas Michael Royse) might present problems for delivering safely for all parties involved. So we were scheduled for an induction Sunday morning, with orders to arrive at 6am. The rest of the week we were a flurry of activity and productivity, finishing up the final touches on the house, finally getting to some things that we have been meaning to get to for a while. There is nothing like getting a bunch of baby stuff to spur you into action on finally getting rid of stuff that you dont like, dont use, dont need and dont want.

Dave’s parents arrive Saturday evening, amidst Dave and me finishing our fantasy soccer league draft. We’d had it originally planned for Sunday… but apparentely fanasy sports league drafts are NOT a good reason to reschedule inductions.

Sunday we woke up at 530 and reported to the hospital. It took about two hours for the whole sign in, registration, change into hopsital gown, get the ivs started, etc process. And then, we hurried up to wait. They started the Pitocin right away (used to start contractions), and I proceeded to sleep through most of them in the morning. Whether they were really quite weak or whether I am just a SUPER BEAST, remains a topic of discussion- but since I am doing the writing here, we’re going with the fact that I am a SUPERBEAST.

I was at 2-3cm dilated in the morning when the checked me (you have to be at 10 to deliver a baby). And I stood at 2-3 cm, all day. They finally decided to break my water at around 5 pm, to try to help this thing along. After that, the contractions got A LOT stronger. But a funny thing happened between 5 and 9pm…the contractions, which had gotten pretty strong (I’d rate them about an 8 out of 10), didn’t seem to cause the baby to come down any lower… Dr. Friall along with Ayatia and Angela all agreed that getting this show probably wasn’t going to happen “naturally”. Within an hour, I was prepped and taken into surgery for a c-section.

Nicholas Michael Royse (a.k.a. Nico- I spelled it wrong last night when I sent the original email), made his appearance. He weighed in at 9 pounds, 6 ounces and measured 21″ in length. 10 fingers and 10 toes (6 on one foot, 4 on the other- just kidding…) He has ginormous feet, a full head of hair the the chubbiest cheeks you’ve ever seen. Still dont really know who he looks like at this point… but he sure does take after his mama- trying to sleep the day away. I suspect that he might have Dave’s eyes- the shape at least, but to confirm color, he would need to keep his eyes open for longer than 10 seconds… šŸ™‚

He has been nursing pretty good today…. I cant lie though, the second or third early morning feeding has gotten a little old. Word on the street is that they will probably keep me at TMH (Women’s Pavillion) until Wednesday night. Today they stood me up and helped me change into real clothes and am now being encouraged to walk around a lot- which kind of interferes with my plan to sit around in bed watching bad reality TV. The really cool thing about the c-section was that instead of closing the incision with staples or with sutres, they closed it up with this stuff called Dermabond- which is like a cross between super glue and sticky saran wrap (so I have been told).

So that is all I have to report so far. I am attaching some pictures to this email- sorry we dont have more, its just that we’ve been busy being n00b parents.

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