One Week

So its been a week. Right around this time last week, life was sucking hard core- strong contractions and no end in sight. Of course, one hardly remembers that when looking down at the most adorable kid you’ve ever seen. Seriously, the kid cant help it- he IS ridiculously good looking.

When they released us from the hospital on Wednesday, our pediatrician was a little concerned about his weight loss- he had dropped from 9 lbs, 6 ounces at birth to 8 lbs, 8 ounces (close to 10 % of his body weight). Of course, this induced a TOTAL MELTDOWN in his poor mom, who was worried that this was a sign of her being a bad mom. The lactation consultant suggested supplementing with formula until we both got the hang of breastfeeding and until he’d gained some of his weight back. I think this is pretty radical for a lactation consultant, who I had always thought were pretty militant about that sort of thing…

In any case, the plan she put us on was meant to help him regain some of that lost weight. The plan worked, because when we went to the pediatrician on Friday, he’d popped back up to 8lbs, 13 ounces. So that was good. I dont know if its like this everywhere, of if we happen to notice it, because Tallahassee is such a small town- but when we went to the doctor on Friday for the well-child check, we saw several other couples and newborns who were at the hospital with us. Aside from the moon-headed 7month old, all the other babies (5 including Nico) were about the same age (3-5 days old). However, all the other parents comented on how much older Nico looked than the other kids.

Dave and I have determined that the cause of the “older look” is the fact that he doesnt have newborn hair. His hair isn’t buckwild all over the place- its pretty neat looking. Except for coming down over his ears, he looks like he has had a hair cut already. Isnt that funny?

Last night, we attended a baby shower thing for our friends DP and KH… their baby is due in one month. We went with DR’s parents for dinner first and made our way to the shower. And Nico was surprisingly “good”. I say “good” because he essentially slept the entire time, so there wasnt much of an opportunity to be “bad” (whatever that means). But everyone loved him and thought he was adorable, which he is.

About parenthood- I love it. Granted, there are parts that suck- like when you cant even read the time on the tivo because your eyes are so blurry- but you think it might be 339 am. And I am definitely not a fan of poopy diapers. But so far, I absolutely adore the smell of this guy. Which isnt a newfound thing- but I always assumed that babies smell good because their parents put baby lotion on them and they dont eat Indian or Mexican food. Turns out, that babies just smell good. Period.

Another of my favorite things is the way that he curls up like a little frog whenever I (or anyone else) hold him. I know that this wont last- right now, its mostly a function of him being relatively small and relatively sleepy all the time. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

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