Hippie= Not Always Better

TMI Post about baby poop in 3…2…1…

The great thing about having a blog devoted to our kid, is that, since the kid isn’t doing much more than dirtying diapers, eating and sleeping… you get a blog post about baby poop. Aren’t the interwebs grand?

So… baby poop. Yeah, there is no shortage of it around here. I am going to spare my readers (loyal and random) from a thorough description here. I can say we’re lucky in that it doesnt really smell bad yet…just wait till this kid starts eating Mexican and Indian food…

In any case, I think that Nico waits until we go to change him before he realizes he has to go… then all of a sudden, there is pee raining down from the sky and poop jetting out of his butt. Literally jetting out of his butt. Of course, now he appears to have a diaper rash. Isnt that fantastic? Brand-spanking new baby- still has the new baby smell, and he has diaper rash. Caregiving: FAIL!

This fail is largely my fault since I decided to take my hippietude to another level by getting the organic diaper rash stick… which we started using last week when we came home. I thought it was cool, because it works like a glue stick, and you dont have to put your fingers in gobs of Desitin. It could have failed for a variety of reasons: either we werent using enough or really doesnt work. Or maybe Nico is pooping so much that its just eating through the diaper stick stuff we were putting on his little butt. My mother was right- there is nothing worse than seeing your helpless little baby’s butt bright red. WORST. MOTHER. EVER.

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