The two main problems with being new parents…

Not much new to report. Most of the free time I get these days is broken up into 5, 10, 15 minute chunks of time that aren’t really long enough to accomplish anything important, but too short to take a nap. Turns out I can crank out a blog post in about 10 minutes, so I got that going for me.

We took Nico up to the Press Center today- all of Dave’s coworkers ooooohed and aaaaaaahed over him- with good reason: the kid is adorable.

Seriously, I cant wait till this kid gets control over his facial muscles… because I think its only fitting that he learn the “Blue Steel” pose from Zoolander (the kid is ridiculously good looking):

So far the hardest thing has been the “alternative” sleep schedule (obviously). The second hardest thing has been the fact that I dont have four arms. Seriously, if I had two extra arms, this mother hood thing would be a snap… I could hold Nico AND fold laundry, or work on a PAA submission and feed Nico at the same time. This “two arm” limitation has been a bit annoying.

As for the alternative sleep schedule- I have been trying to brainstorm ways to keep Nico awake during the day, so he will sleep at night. When I used to be a preschool teacher and needed to get some things accomplished during naptime, I would make sure that all my little monsters were EXHAUSTED when we came in from playing outside. This result was usually attained by races and games and activities. We’d have a dance party just before lunch time and HOCUS-POCUS, 20 minutes after nap started, I would have a room full of kids who were SLEEPING.

Now when I try this, I prop Nico up in my lap so that we can listen to music and sing- he sleeps. When Dave or I read him a book, he sleeps. When we try to watch a Premier League game with him, he sleeps. Surprisingly, this happens to me all the time… When its dark and its time to go to sleep- all of a sudden little homey wants to be awake. I guess the apple didnt fall too far from the tree…

On the upside, he is starting to be able to look at things that are further away. When he was first born, he could only look at and focus on things that were 7-10 inches away from his face (usually mine or Dave’s face). These days, I catch him looking over my shoulder, looking around the living room, looking at the dogs. So that is pretty cool. He has also outgrown most of the newborn onesies that we had- which I knew might happen… when you’re born at almost 10 pounds, things like that tend to happen. We’ve taken to putting some of these little onesies on him but just not snapping them at the crotch. It is definitely a look.

One thought on “The two main problems with being new parents…

  1. Take him outside. Let him get a little hot or a little cold. It's soooo much easier to sleep when it's colder and you're warm and snuggly. And hey, new mom, just because he's awake doesn't mean you have to hold him. Put him a little seat on the table. Lay him face down on your lap. Lay him i the laudry basket full of warm clean clothes. Put the dogs outside and lay him on the floor on a stack of his handmade blankets and let him chill. It's not like you're leaving him alone while you run up to Bagelheads. Oh. By the way, don't leave him alone and run up to Bagelheads.


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