It was a decent weekend. We got a new washer- because we broke our old one… which is a problem when you’re doing cloth diapers. I will confess, we ended up having to buy disposable diapers. Please dont revoke my hippie card. It was a one time thing- I promise.

Saturday was fun because we got to watch some of the Premiership. My team (Manchester City) won- in nice fashion. The washer repair guy came on Saturday and when he couldnt fix our old washer, Dave went out to buy the new one… and that was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened for the day.

Sunday was a little bit more upbeat- the Pop Center had a Fall-term kick off thing at Maclay Gardens. We took Nico and he was a big hit- which is fair, since he is so adorable. When we got home, the boys were pretty curious about Nico- who was zonked out:

Not much else to report. He’s not sleeping terribly well at night. Both Dave and I were up a lot with him last night. He will sleep all night and all day when someone is holding him- but he tricks you… because then you set him down in the bassinet, ease yourself into bed, hoping to get some sleep, only to be awakened five minutes later. He also sleeps surprisingly well on his stomach. For example, this morning, I took him out to the living room to feed him… he ended up sleeping from about 7am to 9am laying on his stomach on my chest (I was kind of laying on the couch). Its easy to see why some parents still put their babies to sleep on their stomachs, despite the known risk of SIDS… Nico sleeps much better on his stomach than he does on his back. Oh well…

Oh, and if anyone was wondering if I have been cured of the “dead sleep” (which is to say, the way that I could sleep as if I am dead, and not hear anything), the answer is yes. I am now quite easily awakened by those first little sniffly whines that Nico lets out as he starts kicking his blanket off. DOH!!

2 thoughts on “Weekend”

  1. Lil O' also went through the phase of only wanting to sleep in my arms. Not Todd's, not Grandma's, not my sister's, MINE. It was annoying and adorable all at once. I know you probably don't want to hear it anymore, but this too will pass…


  2. Did you plan this? Nicholas is on the list of tropical cyclone names for the Atlantic this year….

    Irony in the name of weather strikes again!

    2009 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Names:

    *Ana Larry

    *Bill Mindy

    *Claudette Nicholas

    Danny Odette

    Erika Peter

    Fred Rose

    Grace Sam

    Henri Teresa

    Ida Victor

    Joaquin Wanda



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