We had a win last night!!

Part of the challenge with Nico has been trying to figure out the perfect combination of bed time rituals that would result in sleeping for 3 hours at a stretch. For those of you who have had babies, you understand how this is the utopia for little babies- because the time between feedings starts when you start a feeding… so if you start a feeding at 3am, and Nico eats for an hour, you can expect that he will be ready to eat again sometime between 5 am and 7 am.

So last night was a good night. We gave Nico a bath (which by the way, he HATES), and fed him by about 1145… and Dave put him down to sleep, while I went ahead and started sleeping. Nico woke up at about 345. I woke up and changed his diaper. Then I gave him a bottle, swaddled him, and rocked him until he was a sleep and put him back in his bassinet. Where he slept until about 7… when Dave woke up, he changed Nico’s diaper and brought Nico to me. I fed Nico and we lounged in bed until about 1000- all together it was a fantastic day!!

The picture above is Drake keeping an eye on Nico last night. Turns out that Drake is going to be a great baby sitter!!

So not much new to report… that is all I have. Am currently trying to figure out what to do about a baby book for Nico. Both Dave’s mom and my mom did baby books for us. And if this were five years ago, I would definitely be all about a baby scrapbook, where I keep locks of his hair, his bracelet from the hospital, etc. However, several considerations make me a little gunshy about starting a scrapbook for him:

1. The scrapbook store in Tallahassee went out of business. This isn’t really that major of a problem, except for the fact that I liked taking my supplies and scrapbooking there… otherwise I have to always clear a flat space to do scrapbooking here at the house… one thing leads to another and its been years since I touched a scrapbook. Case in point: I have a scrapbook for the Wakulla girls. I started in after our first season coaching- and I haven’t touched it since then.

2. I dont have the space to store and hang onto another thing that will only be looked at a couple of times a year. And that will likely end up covered in dust.

3. Would Nico really appreciate all the time and effort it takes to make a good scrapbook? The kind of baby book I am talking about is pretty high end- with the advanced techniques (like embellishing with brads, etc.) My guess is not… plus, with scrapbooks, you have to be very judicious with the pictures you use… you cant just include every picture you have- because, well, there isnt the space for it.

4. Part of the fun of baby books and scrapbooks and whatnot is showing them to other people. With Dave’s family in South Florida, my family spread between South Florida, Texas and Australia, it seems like an electronic/digital scrapbook would be better- so anyone can see it any time. One could argue that this is what this blog SHOULD be about… but lets be real here, the minute I start doing something with my day aside from feeding Nico, changing him, and putting him to sleep, his blog is likely to get hijacked by my antics. The only reason that this hasnt happened yet is that I really havent been doing anything interesting these days… I dont think taking a shower counts as something blog-worthy.

5. I hardly print pictures anymore. Seriously- the only time I do, its for a project (like to frame and hang in the house somewhere). 99% of the pictures I take these days dont get printed, they get ripped off my camera and uploaded somewhere on cyberspace (facebook, etc.)

So I have kind of been thinking of starting an account on Flickr or something, where I can post pictures and put captions and stuff… so, sort like this blog, but more pictures. And that way, it will exist FOREVER in cyberspace- unlike what might befall a scrapbook in my possession, which is likely to never even get finished. Plus, there would be a lot more pictures- which I think would please the grandparents…

So what do you guys think? Any thoughts? Suggestions?

3 thoughts on “SLEEP: WIN!!

  1. i'm all about more pictures. besides, with places like flicker or photobucket or shutterfly, couldn't you print out a book or order one if you need one?

    one suggestion…start a box for first shoes, first sox, teeth, locks of hair. one day, you will desparately miss him and would do anything to have saved at least some of it.


  2. More pictures – win!!! I guess every era has it's idea of a “baby book”, and this sounds like yours. Just don't forget to “record” all of the firsts. I agree with your mom, that someday you'll wish you did.


  3. do you remember the first year baby book i did for Max? I hired somebody to design it digitally, and then they printed each page on 12×12 scrapbook paper so i could either bind it or put it in a regular scrapbook. They sent me all of the pages electronically as well…so it's all documented in cyberspace as well.

    I liked it so much better than regular scrapbooking because you can fit SO many more pictures on a page…AND because their are SO many more “paper choices” and “design techniques.”

    I bet you wouldnt even have to pay anybody…you would be able to do it yourself with the right program.

    If you want to check out some of Max's pages…I posted some on my blog in July of 2008. Check it out to see what you think.


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