Sleeping: ur doin it rite!

Not much new to report- had another good sleep night last night. Nico even went longer from when he went to sleep originally to when he woke up for his mid-night meal… which was awesome. Its rainy here, so it was really hard to get out of bed this morning… Nico was snuggled up next to me, had Drake snuggled up on the other side of me. One reason that not having a job rules!! I didnt get out of bed until 1030… of course, its hard to be productive when you dont wake up till that late.

We ended up with a Baby Bjorn (given to us by a couple whose kids are too big). Dave took Nico on a walk last night around the neighborhood. It might just be a boon for me- because Nico LOVED it. And by loved, that is to say, he went to sleep in it. So this is good news for me doing housework (like laundry and the dishes) and for me coaching, because it means that I can actually do stuff without having to keep an ear trained on the bassinet to make sure that he isnt screaming his face off…

Dave and I ventured to Borders last night. I wanted to get a book that I had seen at a Borders in Bethesda, called, “Bruce Springsteen and Philosophy: Darkness on the Edge of Truth.” There is apparently a whole series of books on popular culture and philosophy- and on the day I saw it, it appeared on an endcap with “Pride and Prejuidice and Zombies”. In any case, it looks promising, with chapters like, “Living in “My Hometown”: Local Philosophies for Troubled Times” and “Who’s the Boss? Springsteen on the Alienation and Salvation of Work and Labor”. A brief perusal of the latter and I see mention of Marx and Weber, which is fair, I guess, since its hard to talk about alienation, work or labor without mention of Marx and Weber. Should be interesting.

I bought the book (along with Dan Buettner’s “Blue Zones”) with the idea that it might be a good read for the many hours I spend nursing Nico. I have been watching “Leverage” online (and just put season 2 into the Tivo Season Pass Manager), but I am likely to be caught up pretty quickly with the second season, meaning that I wont have anything to watch for a while. But even better? Thy SyFy channel shows old episodes of LOST at 1 in the morning. So its not entirely a beat down to have to wake up with Nico for that mid-night feeding. Now, if they would just show Season 5… that would be great.

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