So we had a pretty decent weekend. Friday night, Nico and I went with our friend Lauren to the FSU womens soccer game against University of South Alabama. Dave met us there after work. It was a sort of fun game to watch- lots of scoring by the Seminoles (8 goals), and nice passing… which you can do when you’re playing a push-over team… Nico was a bit bored, overall. Dave and I both found a new favorite player for the Noles, a left-footed left back- who has a super sweet cross and is rock solid in the back…

Saturday we hung around the house and watched the Premier League… Liverpool won (barely) and my fantasy team had a good week. We took Nico to Publix for groceries on Saturday… he chilled out in the Baby Bjorn and slept through most of it. Although, I am not sure what is going to happen when he gets up to 20 pounds… I am not sure I can tote a 20 pounder around the store in a front pack. It might be time for him to start walking by then…

I submitted the project evaluation that has been hanging over my head for the last month. Its a great feeling knowing that I am done with that. If you will excuse me, I am going to take a couple of days to chill out with Nico, doing things like napping on the couch in the middle of an afternoon thunderstorm while watching movies on TV. I know, Jessi, what about your PAA submission? It will get done. Its been kind of fun to hang out with Lil Homey.

Tomorrow if we can get our act together a bit early, we are going to the breastfeeding support group here in town. I suspect that Nico isn’t quite “getting” it still. This is probably my fault, since we had to bottle feed from early on. But still hopeful that they can get some of our issues straightened out- even if he is three weeks old… hopefully he is not too set in his ways yet.

The soccer season is about to start… we have our fall informational meeting tomorrow night- during which Nico will take his first of MANY trips down to Wakulla. I have said before every season- but I cant believe the season is here so fast. It seems like last week when we played our last game in Panama City. Of course, we start preseason this week- and I would be surprised if they were all in shape. Call me pessimistic, but I foresee a bunch of girls throwing up during the first preseason session. Good thing they have a coach who is prepared to point and laugh at them…

I am hoping this year will be fun- the culmination of three years of training and coaching… mine and Dave’s hope is that our “freshmen” who have been playing together for three years will finally gel and start playing consistently at the level that they can play at. We lost five seniors last year, but are returning most of our starting line up. We’re apparently getting a big-gun from TUFC, which might help. And our GK has started training like the player I know that she can be (she’s officially joined the Jessi Bishop Bad a$$ club by taking a knee to the face during a game a couple of weeks ago… she made the save, but may need to have her braces put back on :).

So it should be a fun year.

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