So not much new to report. Nico and I dont have the most exciting days…

The trip down to Wakulla went well. The girls all gooed and gaaaed over him and his cuteness. A couple got to hold him- while he was being his most precious. I felt compelled to tell them, “Graduate from College First!” Overall, he was pretty “good”- he slept in the Baby Bjorn for most of the meeting. There were a few dicey minutes in the beginning when it sounded like he might want to have a meltdown. But Dave ran most of the meeting and I could deal with him.

He was a gem in the car-which lets be real here, its hard not to be… Mama had music on, it was a little bit rainy and the traffic moves pretty well when you get past Capital Circle… if we are really honest about it, its hard for Mama to stay awake if you put her in a car for more than about 10 minutes. Am thinking that driving down to Wakulla five or six days a week during the season might not be so bad.

Speaking of traveling with a baby- there are a lot of logistics that go into traveling with a baby- and I am not even talking about big time air travel with the little beast . There is a ton of stuff to carry with you: like diapers and a diaper bag and what not. Extra clothes for the baby in case he has a technical problem with his bodily fluids and his wardrobe. I know I should have an extra change of tops for me in the diaper bag, but personal hygiene is one of those things that got displaced by Nico… so I have no qualms about showing up places with baby spew on my shirt. Isnt that awful? I just dont care…

And the car seat, which weighs a ton disincentives one to carry it around, so I usually take the Baby Bjorn if we are going to be someplace for long… then there is getting the kid ready. You gotta make sure you feed him just before he goes into the car seat… otherwise during the strap in process that looks a lot like the kid is going on the Apollo 11 mission is just gonna piss him off and you have a situation like I had yesterday where Nico is screaming his face off and I am crying too, because well, its a natural reflex, for me…

In sum, it is a total production to go anywhere…

Speaking of crying babies, anybody hear about this story:

Some guy slapped a 2 year old girl in the face because she was crying in a walmart. All I can say is this: it is purely a cosmic stroke of luck that this happened up in Atlanta and I was not involved. Let me tell you if a this guy had slapped Nico, the story would have been about me being arrested for assault and battery and how this guy had to spend a week in the hospital because I went ballistic!

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