Nico Smile and Noms

Caught Nico smiling the other day. Isnt he adorable? This picture is a double win, because he also has eyes open.

Dont have much planned for the weekend… except maybe catching up on some sleep. FSU is playing Miami here in town on Monday, so whatever the weekend holds for us, it will likely mean staying away from campus and downtown on Monday.

The Prem is on an international break- meaning that there are no games because many players are with their national teams for World Cup qualifiers. Am hoping to catch some of those games, but are planning on taking Nico to the downtown Marketplace on Saturday (the hippie market thing downtown). Am hoping that this trip will involve some street noms… becuase that really is the best kind of food.

Speaking of street food… so there is Guy Fieri on the Food Network that hosts a show where he goes to Diners, Drive-ins and Dives… seeking out the best food in the country in places that you might not expect. Makes me re-think my current career trajectory. But then there is Anthony Bourdain who has a show called “No Reservations” where he basically travels the world sampling the best cuisines that various cultures have to offer- Phillipines, China, etc. And yes, he actually did a special show on street food… man!! Remind me again why I am going into academia? Career: FAIL!!

One food network show I would not want to host is “Man versus Food”, basically where this guy travels around the country partaking in food challenges… like there is this icecream store in San Fran that has a challenge, if you can eat this monstrous Sundae in under an hour, you win free ice cream for a year. That is over two gallons of icecream… yeah. I love me some icecream, but I am not sure I could best that challenge!!

Sorry for the tangent! Have a great weekend!

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