Holy Tangent, Batman!!

So, not much new to report. You’re probably going to stop checking this blog soon, aren’t you? I keep telling you there is nothing new to report… then I proceed to tell you about my days- which are quite boring. This is the part where I throw Nico under the bus and claim that if he werent such a baby, I’d have a lot more exciting news to report about his little baby life. But alas…

This weekend was pretty low key. Caught England’s friendly with Slovenia on Saturday. It was a tune up for today’s qualifier match against Croatia. They are showing the qualifier on pay per view. 2 months ago, I would have taken my happy self to Finnegans to watch the game, but I havent quite decided if taking my baby to a bar makes me a bad mom… so I will just have to chill out about that. Aside from watching LOTS of TV, I didnt do much… this can pretty much sum up what I did this weekend:
So I think the mentality about raising kids has changed probably since the sixties and seventies, where it was commonly thought you could spoil a child by holding him/her too much. Every parenting book I have read since we started this odyssey says that is not possible in the first three months. The thing is, that he looks really adorable when he sleeps.

Nicole and Cody had their baby this morning- Emmerson Rose on 09-09-09… which is two years, two months and two days from the last time they had a baby (Maddox) on 07-07-07. What is surprising to me is that she was able to to it this time without me fighting with her during her labor 🙂
Can anyone explain to me why she looks so pretty? The first post labor pictures of me, you can tell it was hard for my to smile since my face was so swollen full of liquid… here my sister looks like she should be on the cover of Awesome Mom magazine. Suck!!

So I was thinking about how awesome it is that Emerson and Nico are literally one month apart. Isn’t that cool? I think it will be fun when they get to be older. Nicole and I have often talked about the cousins spending lots of time together during the summer. I have no doubt that Emerson is going to be the ring leader. No doubt. Sorry Nicole- but I have never known a younger sister of an older brother who didnt end up bossy (look at Mom- oh snap!! I went there!) Nico will probably end up being the follower, going along with whatever Max and Emme want to do… I think it spells trouble!

In any case, I started walking last week… I put Nico in the Baby Bjorn and we walked around the neighborhood. Its amazing how out of shape I am- Holy Good Lord. Of course, it is a bit of a workout to tote around a beast… One very important point that was driven home to me this week was how dramatically pregnancy changes your body. Seriously. I wish that someone had told me that. I dont know what I would have done about it. I have lost all but about 10 pounds of the of baby weight I gained- which I would like to be impressed with- but realize that its mostly a function of the the fact that Nico was almost 10 pounds and I seemed to be carrying about 700 pounds of fluid in my hands, feet and face (and not that I worked really hard in the gym or anything). Going back to how much more thankful we should be to mothers… 🙂

In any case, its shocking how out of shape I am. Now, granted, I am moving at a brisk pace, but holy crap, my 2.5 mile walk last night just about took it out of me. Looks like I got a long road to being able to run in Disney’s Pretty Princess Half Marathon in March…

Mom and Dad (maybe) are coming up this weekend. I think Mom is looking forward to meeting Nico. I know I am looking forward to waiting on her. She promised me a shiny new quarter if I rubbed her bunions (props to anyone who gets THAT movie reference). You know, its funny with Mom- its not like we’re gonna go craxy shopping or engage int Monster Craft Weekend… its likely that we are just gonna sit around and gab and watch TV… but it will be fun.

2 thoughts on “Holy Tangent, Batman!!

  1. yeah…i totally learned my lesson after Maddox…if I am going to have pictures floating around for the next 100+ years…i wanted to make sure i didnt look like sh*t this time.

    and actually…i almost called you in the delivery room to see if you wanted to yell at me…i thought it would be funny…but we ran out of time. 🙂


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