Practice and whatnot…

So we had our first drama driving to practice this week. This has always been one of the things I have feared about the whole baby-practice in Wakulla thing: that I would, at some point, end up driving 45 minutes to soccer practice with Nico screaming the entire way. It wasn’t exactly that bad- mostly because I left the house at 430 for a practice that starts at 600. I fed him at 300… got us bundled into the car with all the stuff and Nico commenced crying just north of Woodville… and proceeded to cry all the way through Woodville. I had to keep going, because I was looking for the ice place (where I needed to stop and get ice). I dont know how many of you have ever had to drive with a crying baby in the car- but damn its stressful.

In any case, when we got to the ice place, I took Nico out of his car seat and sat him on my lap as we continued driving down to the high school. Turns out, he was mad because he wanted to drive. Just kidding! I changed his diaper and took off his clothes. After a few minutes of Mama cuddling time, we got on the road again, this time with the windows down. Seemed to do the trick. Turns out all he really wanted was to feel the breeze on his skin… the only thing he was missing was some sunglasses. Is he my kid or what?

The last couple of nights have been a little bit better as far as sleeping goes. I think that he really does like me better than Dave… seems to be fussy a lot more for Dave than for me. This makes me kind of sad, then I remember that Dave is the good cop. So in 16 years when he hates me because he wants to stay out and I wont let him, and I even over rule Dave on the matter, I can look back to a time when he didn’t always hate me the most…

The improving sleeping situation is quite fortuitous, actually. My dissertation proposal defense is scheduled for Friday… this is basically where I have to stand up in front of my committee and justify my proposed dissertation research. If I pass, they will let me write a dissertation. Woo hoo!!

His sleeping better has been good for me, because it means that I am not so absolutely exhausted in the mornings that I can actually get out of bed at a decent hour, instead of lounging half the day away. Of course, now that I have breathed mention of it, he has probably just decided that he is not going to sleep one more minute. EVER.

Preseason has been going good. I am kind of annoyed about the team though… I dont know why. I can’t quite figure it out… its something. Maybe some of them dont quite understand what I am about…. I know. THE JESSI BISHOP… you can’t believe it. We have a bunch of new girls who havent quite figured it out yet… which is understandable, they did just show up five minutes ago… they will come along. But then there are a bunch of girls who were in the program last year, who dont seem to get that I am the one who (largely) decides who plays JV and who plays Varsity. Its shocking how many of them think its perfectly acceptable to carry on a conversation while coaches are talking. Seriously-dude…. you’re trying to win a spot on Varsity, why are you talking when I am talking? Maybe its just immaturity. Or maybe its a generational thing… seriously. It was kind of funny when I was ten years older than the oldest girls… but now I am twice the age of some of these kids. But seriously, is it EVER okay to conduct your own conversation when the Coach is announcing stuff to the team? I foresee a “come to Jesus” meeting in the near future…

I am a little nervous about the season… with the flu coming up… plus the thing in Kentucky (where a football coach was put on trial for a kid dying at his practice). Our football team had to cancel a game with NFC last week because 55% of the team was out with the flu. I think our program is vulnerable to flu… we have two sets of sisters (twins). Plus we have several sets of friends who are so close they are practically related (share lots of time together- and thus lots of germs). I preach to them about the virtues of vitamin C and not sharing germs… but lets be real here… missing a game because she is sick never kept a teenage girl from making out with her boyfriend.

Still cant believe that the season is about to start… still cant believe its my fourth. Seems like just yesterday when all my seniors were skinny little freshmen- fresh out of middle school. Now they are all driving and having jobs and whatnot. How time flies!!

2 thoughts on “Practice and whatnot…

  1. well, no matter how old YOU feel — i still can't get used to the fact that i don't have to pick any of you up from any where. and that you are old enough to have an opinion AND that you have your own baby! when did THAT happen?


  2. Jess, once he gets the hang of the window being down, I know what can do next. Practice the ol' hanging on to the door while flying out around turns. I mean, maybe can pull that off in a couple of years with practice.

    And for practice. You are not be a bit hard on the girls? Shouldn't they be allowed to talk and socialize at practice? I just don't see what the big deal is.


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