Sorry its been so long dudes!!

My dissertation proposal defense was scheduled for Friday- and since Ike does check Nico’s blog every now and then, I figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to post neurotic ramblings about how I haven’t done anything on the presentation and how they are going to kick me out of the program and yada yada yada. And lets, be real you can only deal with so many of those kind of posts before getting really annoyed with me πŸ™‚

In any case, the defense went REALLY well. This was in large part due to the fact that Ike wanted me to lay it ALL out in the actual paper- where I went into a LOT of detail. The result was, that most of the discussion at the defense was about the intellectual aspect of it- the possibility of including this or that, this interesting idea, etc. Which, I think is way better than a defense where your committee members are asking questions about your basic concepts or terms… so I passed- straight up, no conditions or anything. Now I just need to, write the damn thing.

The best part was where the committee unanimously agreed that the proposal as it is now is A LOT. They thought that I could basically just look at 2 of the 4 outcomes I proposed and call that a dissertation. Which blows my mind, because it means that I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. So now when my mom asks how long until I can make Dave call me Doctor, I can give a definitive answer and not just shrug.

Nico is doing well. He went on a lunch date with Lauren, April and Kelly on Friday after my defense… of course, I was chaperoning, making sure that they didnt try to get him any beer or anything (just jokes, they wouldnt try that- he’s only a baby). I think he was a little miffed with me, because I wouldn’t let him have any tacos (we were at Cabos). But I think he will get over it πŸ™‚In this picture, Nico is smirking, because he saw that Chelsea lost to Wigan Athletic on Saturday. Ha! Suckas!!

Dave and I were talking about it this week, and we have agreed that every day is more fun than the day before, with this guy. He gets more and more personality each day. He’s growing- FAST. Since I dont like overly tight clothes, I have, since he was born, not put him in those newborn onesies, because him being a little bit of a chunk made them pretty tight. Now, he can’t even wear the 40 some odd 0-3 month onesies that we got from Target. Seriously, I cant get them over his head easily and I can’t get them buttoned up.

He’s looking around a lot more these days. I may be making this up, but he seems transfixed by the television… Dave moved the rocking chair from the bedroom out to the living room and I noticed last night when I was watching the Matrix that Nico was watching it too… which makes me weary. Since Dave and I dont want a Zombie Nico, I guess this means more reading books while I am nursing him and less watching tv… (boooooo!). This is kind of a bummer, because I was hoping we might get to 4 or 5 months before we really had to start being careful with the TV… Of course, its possible that I made this up…

5 thoughts on “Proposal

  1. Congratulations on a defense job well done. I suppose I'll soon have to call you Doctor daughter-in-law. That would actually be great I think. I can't believe how much Nico has grown and can't wait to see him again.


  2. I think I will call you Doctor Dassi… a salute to what you've accomplished with a reminder what a pussy cat mush ball you really are.

    You and Nicole came in the media picture when there was really only Sesame Street. So, that was the only time during the day that the TV was on. By the time JJ came along, who the hell cared? Evaluate the results…JJ likes movies and soccer. Even in high school he'd only watch a few shows and that was mostly just to sit with me and be nice. J — remember Uncle Eddie? And Hot Donna.

    On the other hand … folks at the daycare said that Matt B. was perfectly normal until he saw tv for the first time. And then he lost 50 IQ points that he never got back. I don't think it's the tv factor as much as vidow games.


  3. lil O likes tv but i think it's because of the colors and motion. she loves to watch football with todd and i. it calms her down when she's crying. don't stress about it yet…


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