He wants to drive the car!

So, we are getting on with it.

Last night coming back from practice was pretty bad- Nico cried pretty much all the way home. I stopped twice- once on HWY 98 and once in Woodville to get him out of the carseat, check his diaper, feed him some. And each time he was okay for a few minutes then started crying once the car got moving. On the upside, he went to bed at midnight last night and slept till 6:30 this morning- so maybe the crying wore him out.

Speaking of riding in the car- is this not the greatest invention ever?
Its a mirror that sits on the back seat facing Nico… and so what I can do is look in the rear view mirror to see what his malfunction is. It doesnt really work at night (too dark). But isn’t that cool? Adding to possible careers that I should have explored before investing so heavily into becoming a PhD is “Inventor of Baby Stuff”.

Nico and I did some errands on Monday, which included a trip to Target, which never fails to make me lose my damn mind and buy a whole ton of baby stuff. I saw another really awesome piece of baby stuff: a plastic bag dispenser that hooks onto a diaper bag strap. Isnt that amazing? For those of you who haven’t had to change a baby on the floor of a resturant bathroom (twice) for want of changing table- there is a lot of stuff to handle. I have a wet bag in which to keep dirty diapers as well as a bag with clean diapers and clothes, wipes, etc. If we were using disposable diapers, this little bag dispenser thing would be awesomeness.

So Nico was a jem when we did our errands, which included, in addition to Target, Office Depot and the Post Office. I thought that he was going to have the melt down at the Post Office. Of course, this is a fair reaction- we had to wait in line for 20 minutes. In all honesty, I was about to have a melt down too. Seriously? Its lunch hour and there are only two windows open? I hate the Postal Service. Makes me feel better about sending emails to my friends instead of cards. Insert snarky comment from my dad about health care run by the government in 3….2…..1…..

But he was awesome.

Here is a little video of him swinging yesterday. Okay, so he’s really sleeping… but he’s swinging too…

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