Your daily Nico:

So we are having some sleep issues around here. Anyone who has any advice, feel free to send it. So Nico s 10 weeks old, and has, since day one, slept in a bassinet next to our bed. I handle most of the night time feedings, and have had up until this week, almost no trouble getting the boy to sleep. I usually nurse, swaddle, and rock him. He usually goes to sleep like a charm. I put him in the bassinet and he stays asleep for 5-6 hours at night. Dave, when he tries to help, would bottle feed, swaddle and rock the boy, and would try to put him in the bassinet only to have the boy awake 5-10 minutes later. I assumed that the malfunction was Dave and that Nico wasnt getting to all the way to sleep enough before Dave tried to put him in the bassinet.

Fast forward to this weekend. Nico got his 2 month shots on Thursday and slept most of the day. Friday night though- same old routine- seems asleep until he goes into his bassinet, but then is awake 5 minutes later. This was funny when it’s Dave having to deal with this. But now I cant transition him into the bassinet (and have him remain asleep). I assumed that part of the problem might be that he is getting too big to swaddle, so we took him out of the swaddle blanket on Saturday night… and on Sunday I only swaddled his legs. But same story- I rock him till he is asleep and go to put him in the bassinent. He fusses a bit… and keeps fussing… and then all of a sudden he is awake and crying.

One thing that might be important here, is that we got a cold front this week (starting on Friday). Our house is kind of old and with poor insulation, so it gets kind of cold in here. I was wondering, is it possible that the boy could be getting cold? The thermostat has been reading 68 degrees in the house. I know that the ideal temperature for sleeping for the boy is 70 degrees, and he’s been sleeping in a sleeper, with the swaddling blanket… and a blanket folded and tucked around his legs. What do you moms think?

Whats crazy is that I am working on a PhD that examines infant mortality (including SIDS) and it was so bad that the last two nights we’ve tried co-sleeping (like the hippies do) and have brought him to bed with us… (we have one of those cosleeper things) which raises its own set of problems. I think Nico sleeps just as well with us as he does by himself… which is easy to see- if you’re a baby who doesnt like sleeping in a big fluffy bed with warm parents who love you? But I dont sleep as well, which is a good reason not to do this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I want the boy back in his own bassinet to sleep at night.

5 thoughts on “S.O.S.”

  1. Keep him awake during the day. Don't abandon the routine you've been using quite yet. He's old enough to stay awake and talk to you when you're cooking or doing other chores. Lay him down on the floor on a blanket (face down). Call him from another room.

    And work him out! Stretch him out, work him out, wear him out. Then a warm shower, food and bed.

    He might be fussing because he can't see you guys. That was always your issue.


  2. I was about to make the same suggestions as your mom. Try to let him scoot around on his belly on a blanket as much as he can. The warm bath before bed is a good idea too. Begin to develope, if you haven't already a pretty set schedule. I agree with you that the bed with you all is not a good idea. As long as he is dry, warm, well fed, and not in pain, it won't hurt him to cry a little. Since he is accustomed to music, the background kind may be something to try. “This too shall pass”


  3. Yep, I third those opinions. Getting on a schedule helps us a ton. You may also want to not rock him to sleep and then move him but let him fall asleep on his own in his bed/bassinett. He may be a light sleeper (unlike Momma) and he just can't get back to sleep. Also, while it may not be a big deal now, you don't want to have to rock him to sleep when he's 5. He may fuss for a few minutes if you put him down awake in bed but once you start that schedule (and baths/books/etc do help), he'll get used to falling asleep on his own. And as much as it sucks for us mommas, if they cry for 2 minutes it won't kill them and will help in the long run.
    we only swaddled lil O for a few weeks. she kicked that shit off right away. now she just wears those footed pajamas. he may be cold but i think it's mostly because he misses the rocking with momma and can't get back to sleep on his own.
    just my two cents…


  4. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, is a great book, good, BF friendly advice and lots of naps (and how to get them there). The best advice I received as a new mom. Good luck, love your blog!


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