So we were pretty lame for Halloween this weekend. Originally, we were supposed to be spending most of our day on Saturday down in Wakulla for the Big Bend Preseason Classic- but there was some communication problems with some of the coaches that we usually do this thing with. So we could have had huge plans for Halloween. But then, Dave and I have been getting our butts kicked by life these days. Turns out Life+1 is pretty crazy. So much so, that I have come to realize that the greatest Saturdays aren’t lounging on the couch watching soccer, napping, and eating donuts. Great Saturdays are when you can put the house together from the tornado that went through it during the week.

Its even worse these days because we are working on *(FINALLY)* setting up Nico’s room. This is good for several reasons, but mostly because it might help us corral some of the accoutrement that is ALL OVER THE HOUSE. Unfortunately, it means that DR and I no longer have a place to corral all of OUR stuff… so I am trying to figure out what to do with it all. Hiking Backpact I bought for EuroTrip 2006? Seems kind of useless now… dont foresee backpacking anywhere with a kid in the near future. Fencing foil? Taking up precious space in closet. Taking down the bed in the guest room has meant that stuff that was under our bed in the Master bedroom was displaced. And this is how we spend our life: moving stuff from place to place around the house. My college roommate called this “nomad” behavior. Seriously, I wish it didnt take so much time and effort to list stuff on ebay, because I would get rid of half the stuff in this house- I am so OVER stuff!!

So Halloween was pretty low-key this year. We got some candy and stayed in: doing some work around the house. I worked on job market stuff and Dave did some whatnot. Nico did get to chill out on the porch and wait for trick or treaters:

Per usual, we only had a handful of trick or treaters. I don’t know why this is the case, except that maybe most of the people that live in our neighborhood dont have children? We wanted to dress Nico up in his tiger suit, but “one one of us” seems to have lost the top that goes with it (by “one of us” I mean, not me :). Good thing Nico’s parents are weird enough to dress him up in animal outfits year round. That purchase may have gone to waste if we weren’t strange!

Soccer season starts tomorrow night (Monday) against Maclay. Should be a nice test to see where we are at. Am really looking forward to it. It is the team that Dave and I have been waiting to coach for 3 years. Everyone on the team has comparable levels of skill and they look good in practice (so far). So it should be fun. Should also be cold. Which lets be real here, is the way it should be for highschool soccer. I would so much rather deal with cold and trying to stay warm than “oh-my-God-why-is-it-so-sticky-outside?” I feel that I am adequately prepared for the game and being on the sideline: warm pink hunting socks (check), blue and red waffleknit footie sleeper for Nico (check), blankets for girls (check), blankets for Nico (check), thermos for hot chocolate (check), hat/gloves/scarf (check).

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