Not too bad actually.

So Nico went to his first high school soccer game last night. We played at Maclay- which is a small private school up here. Most of the girls who play at Maclay play in the TUFC system, so we knew that they were going to be tough. When we played last year, we played mid-season and lost 3-0.
We ended up losing 3-0 last night. We defended for 80 minutes- which is always tough. But not bad… considering that this is our first game, that we were trying to figure out how to replace our sweeper from last year and that we took one of our main attackers and stuck her in the back…. not bad at all. Even awesomer? Our GK had probably one of the best games I have ever seen her play. She probably had close to 20 shots taken on frame, and only gave up 3 goals, including one that was a rebound off a kick save.

Something that many of you probably dont know about me, is that watching good goalkeeping at any level gives me goose bumps. It does. I get goosebumps when Shay Given (formerly of the no-defense at all New Castle) comes all the way across the goal to pick a ball out of the upper 90. And I get goose bumps when a kid from a scrub highschool team makes a one on one save. I guess because I know how hard it is to be a good goalkeeper… and that for every night that you’re on fire, you might have a night when you cant do anything right. In any case, she was awesome. She made it a fun game to watch.

Nico was pretty good for most of the game. He was a little bit fussy when we got to Maclay- but got to hang out with the girls a bit- which he seemed to like. When it was getting close to gametime, I tucked him into his little pouch and he went to sleep… and stayed that way until about 15 minutes left to go in the game… pretty good, I’d say. Of course, he’s regressed sleeping-wise the last couple of days… seems really needy. We’re on try #4 of getting him in the bassinet. 😦

Funny story: so I am kind of hard core about being on time. So when a girl comes running up to practice late, it irks me a bit. My line for them is usually, “Lauren, what time is it on your planet? I got 304.” So yesterday, its about 230 and I have figured that I need to start moving in the direction of getting our show on the road to go to Maclay for the game. I get some diapers out of the dryer. Look for warm clothes for me, for Nico. Get bottles ready. Get blankets in the car. Chase down extra pairs of white socks. I finally get us in the car and start heading towards Maclay and I see its 415. And I think, “Holy Crap! What just happened? How in the world did I manage to waste almost 2 hours of my life…and now I am late?” (The teams were to arrive by school bus at Maclay by about 330-345.) The stress level goes through the roof because I have half of the balls and the JV team needs them to warm up. SUCK!! So I manage to get out to Maclay by “435”. The JV team hasnt even started warming up. WTF? Why aren’t you warming up? What time did you get here? Why dont we have our act together? Where are my captains? Why cant they help the JV team get their act together? Did it really take two hours to get from WHS to Maclay? What the hell? Then my JV coach tells me that its not 435 (Neither Dave or me changed the clock in the 4Runner). Its 335. I felt like an idiot. She told my girls… who thought it was hilarious.

They wanted to know what time it was on my planet. Burn…
Daylight Savings Time: 1
Jessi: 0

One thought on “Not too bad actually.

  1. ha ha ha, i ❤ daylight savings time even more now! im glad the game was alright, and now you know why i was always late! time flys when your trying to get out the door ^_^


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