All day long, just takin it easy…

Nothing new on the Nico front to report. He’s getting big and is more fun every day. The whole “wearing” him during soccer games is working out pretty well. Its funny, though. Last night at Chiles one of the Chiles players asked Stevey as she was walking off the field, “Is that a baby on your coach?” Even funnier, is that in the second half, one of their players cleared a ball out of the back to the side line, kind of close to Nico and me… A collective gasp went up from our parents when I reached up and caught the ball over his head. Someone said something like, “Watch out for that baby!” to which I replied, “Its okay- I am a keeper”… and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night!
He doesnt seem to be bothered by it much…except when we have to practice at Medart and he gets eaten up by the sand gnats… which is fair, because I hate practicing there (the sand gnats are awful). Of course it might help if I didnt always forget the bug spray. Its something I have been thinking about a lot lately…I have just kind of treated this little dude, like, “Alright little homey, we gotta do this, then this, then we gotta go to practice. And then…” Maybe I should be more like Betty Draper, and stay at home only doing domesticated stuff with him.

Speaking of Chiles. Wow. So back story: we lost to Chiles 7-0 our first year coaching. Last year we lost 6-0. We had sort of been resigned to the fact that anytime we play Chiles that its going to be a beating- they have too many elite club players, we have a lot of girls that only just recently got serious about playing soccer. But, it is what it is. We actually went into last night’s game with a game plan- and executed it. It was pretty brilliant. Without getting into too many specifics- we needed to be patient and disciplined last night. Patient and disciplined. The plan worked pretty well and we lost 3-1. It would have been 2-1, but about half the team got willy-nilly when one of our girls straight jacked the ball from a Chiles player. One of our captains, Mandy had the goal, a really nice set piece half way between the side of the box and the sideline. And Shay. Wow. Shay. She was amazing. She didnt really have much to do through out the game, not like some games in the past where its like shooting practice. During most the game she made the saves she should have, and in the last five minutes, came up with two ridiculous, game winning saves. It was awesome!!

So today we’ve just been taking it easy. My girl Julia came to town this weekend and we went to get pedicures. Just in the nick of time really, because my feet were FUNKY. And not in a good way. Mostly doing cleaning and stuff around the house… listing stuff on Ebay (so I can get rid of it- man we collect some stuff.)

The picture below is from Friday morning… I had to meet with Ike in the morning and I got us up and going- but had to put him down to do some stuff (get the diaper bag ready, get dressed, etc). He eventually fell asleep in his crib… isnt he precious?

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