Send in the fail boat. Redux.

Supposed to be getting ready for our road trip to Rutherford tomorrow (in Panama City). Normally, I wouldnt bat an eye about taking the Beast on such an outing. Since there is no JV team and both the JV coaches arent going tomorrow, I have to ride the bus with the team- which means that Nico has to ride with Dave in the 4Runner. Normally, I wouldnt sweat this… but his teething situation is pretty bad. He sounds like he is in a lot of pain. I got one of those teether things, a freezable teething ring, baby orajel, teething pacifiers. He’s usually pretty good for most of the day, if a little fussy. But the last couple of nights have been throw down central. I guess trying to get him to do a pacifier+not be rocked to sleep+teething= Nico crying. A LOT.

So, we will see how it goes. You know, I never really noticed this, but riding the school bus SUCKS. I did it with the girls the first couple of road trips when I started coaching… thinking it would be awesome. How cool of a coach was I? Actually, not very. And its good to know that things have changed much since high school. I still sit by myself. Add to that, its actually physically uncomfortable to sit on a school bus for that long. SUCK.

I really want a win for the girls. Right now we’re 0-3. Granted, the three losses are to good teams, so I guess I cant be too disappointed. And its not like we’re going out and just being terrible. We’re just not firing on all cylinders yet. Mark my words, when we do- its going to be beautiful. I can feel it. We’re so close.

On a completely unrelated note: I sort of have the nursery done. I have the crib, rocking chair, shelves, book case, etc. in there. This morning, Nico and I hung two shelves in there… and when I say that Nico helped, that is to say, he sat around and complained that I wasnt doing it fast enough. My dad, a roofer, has a saying, “Measure three times, cut once.” Perhaps after today’s little experience, I should have a saying called “Measure three times, drill one set of holes, at the proper height. Other wise, you will end up with two side by side shelves that are of different heights. Close enough in height to make it look like you were trying to go for the same height, but definitely not the same height. FML.”

Normally, I would consider tearing the shelves down and rehanging them, but I am out of screws and those little plastic dry-wall hanger things. So while I mean to get to it soon, I think realistically speaking, we probably wont get to it for a while. On the upside, I now have a place to put some of the big frames I have of Us and Nico. The down side is, I get to be reminded of my fail every day until I do decide to yank them down and rehang them.

A new video of Nico:

He just had a shower… yes, his hair appears very curly. And no, I have no idea what is up with that.

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