Panama City, Pictures and Puppies in the Pool

Had a pretty good weekend. Nico was a peach for the trip to PC yesterday. During the whole 13 hour trip, he only spent about 2 hours with me… he spent the rest of the time with Dave in the car, or with RM and the other parents. Got some good sleeps and came home to sleep about 10 hours (love it). We lost 4-0… to a team who wasnt a 4-0 win team. I could handle the loss, if I felt like this team was that good. But we didnt play very well, and we definitely quit towards the end of the second half. While I miss the hell out of my little brother, its a good thing he wasn’t here to see it (he’s not dead, he’s in Australia). I keep waiting for it… its going to happen. All the pieces are going to click. And I hate to be the team on the other end of it. Sort of like Liverpool last year, when they started the season with several ties and not playing well. Then Fernando Torres opened up on some poor team, maybe Boro or Wigan? Liverpool had 6 goals that game, with Fernando having 3 or 4. That is going to happen to us… I know it.

Lauren and Dylan came over today and we took them to Optimist Park, so that he could take some pictures for our Christmas card- with the dogs, its always out of control. Figured more so with a baby. Was pretty painless and pretty quick. Good stuff.

Later today, we took the boys to Trusdale Pool for “Puppies in the Pool”. In the fall, Trusdale shuts down for a weekend and people are allowed to bring their dogs. Its basically just a big dog social at a pool. Its pretty amazing. We took the boys last year. With Nico in tow, we thought we’d hit it up. Here is a video:

Note Drake accosting the little old stranger lady. Man, he is the world’s worst dog!

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