Rollin, rollin, rollin, keep those doggies rollin…

This is a picture that my friend Dylan took of the boy last week (on our Christmas Photo Session outing to Optimist Park). Isn’t our boy handsome? The best thing about this picture? He has his little eyebrow arched. Makes my day!

On an unrelated matter- little homey rolled over today. Front to back. It was pretty great. I had just changed him out of a sleeper (that was covered in drool) and had laid him on our bed and was playing with him. I figured I ought to try to do some tummy time with him… especially since the last time we did it, he was pushing up really high. Unlike before where he just laid there on his stomach and made crying noses until I rolled him over. This afternoon he pushed up really high on to his elbows and kept pushing with one arm until he turned over. It was fantastic!

I yelled for Dave to come from the kitchen to see- but then Nico decided he wouldnt do it for Dad. So Dave went away… and Nico did it again. It was brilliant. Next step: walking!

I took a video of him doing it after I got back from tutoring:

One thought on “Rollin, rollin, rollin, keep those doggies rollin…

  1. I don't think he thought Drako's tail hitting him the face was as funny as you did Jess. I am sure there were be hell to pay for that later. You should ask mom what happens when your boy grows old enough to get you back (like with a play-dough fun factory.)


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