Its been a frustrating and tiring week- am really looking forward to the weekend. I never understood those TGIF people until I worked in an cube for the summer. Now I understand them even more.

Nico’s schedule is still pretty jacked up. He has finished with the sleeping till 6am thing that he was doing… and has now reverted back to waking up at 2 am. Normally I wouldn’t mind this, but now that the Syfy channel has stopped showing LOST at 2am- life kind of sucks at 2am. On the upside, he is usually good for a couple hour nap in the morning these days, but I am not sure that is worth the 2am wakeup call, which I am not a fan of… at all.

The house is still a disaster area. I was sort of hoping that while traveling last weekend, someone would have broken into our house and cleaned it. Turns out *that* was a pipe dream. I guess I am not really surprised- this happens every soccer season. The arm of the couch becomes a holding area for blankets, soccer shorts, long sleeve shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, etc. Nothing gets put away. The kitchen doesnt usually get messy, because we end up eating dinner standing over the kitchen sink.

Its just 10 times worse because we have a kid now, and he leaves his stuff everywhere, blankets, onesies, burp cloths, etc. Speaking of which, the principal and superintendent put the kabash on Nico being on the side line with me during games. Apparently, him being strapped to me poses a risk of me “not being able to complete my duties as the head soccer coach.” I am still not really sure what this means. My guess is that if there were a fight on the field, there are questions about whether or not I would be able to run out onto the field to break it up (disregarding of course, that no one is allowed to just run onto the field to break up a fight- you’re supposed to be invited on by a referee- but whatev!). Of course, I am not sure that he has ever seen a fight in girls soccer, else I dont think that he would be that concerned about it. Seriously though… In all the highschool soccer games I have watched and played in my life, I have only seen one fight (my senior year at Labelle) and not only was it lame, but it was over before it started. In over a hundred girls high school soccer games. Probably close to 200 if you count my college games as well.

The thing that bothers me the most about it though, is that the decision was made not because of anything that has happened, but rather, what COULD happen. In any case, it has been pretty stressful trying to figure out the logistics of how to deal with Nico and this new scenario. See, the thing is, that it worked out perfectly, I feed Nico during the JV games… burp him, put him in the wrap and he usually sleeps for most of the night. If he does start to fuss, I can just walk around and jostle him back to sleep- no problem… and it was nice because I didnt have to haul our entire life around with us (only half of it). Now I HAVE to have a bottle of milk, toys and extra blankets and everything- because if there is anything worse than when your kid wont stop crying its when someone else’s kid wont stop crying. Since I dont have time to devote to pumping, I have taken to pumping in the car ride down. RM (one of our moms) loves her some babies, so she’s agreed to let Nico hang out in the concession stand with her during games. I hope noone tries to buy Nico- which lets be real here, is a possibility. The kid is so cute!

But I guess this is my fault really… I never did ask if it was okay to have Nico with me on the sideline. I assumed that it was since one of the football coaches always had his little kid at practice during the football season. And Joe brought Amy. Dad telling me about what happens when I assume anything (making an ass out of u and me) in 3…2…1…

So that was kind of a bummer. A bigger bummer happened today when our game tonight got canceled. Long story short- one of my biggest nightmares came true today… a coach calling me at noon to tell me that he didnt know about our game. For real. That actually happened. I had talked with him about canceling tonights game back during the summer (because I accidentally booked 5 games this week- ooopsy!). So I took them off the schedule, figured that we were good to go… patted myself on the back for being amazing at everything I do and called it a day. But then, when I sent our schedule to the AD and to the Refs, I found out that they had sent a schedule with us on it for a game tonight. I figured that this was surely my screw up… that I just forgot to put them on the schedule and that I am a terrible soccer coach and that this was an epic fail and that the refs would hate me for being so flighty. Turns out I was right the first time- he simply sent an old version of the schedule to the refs and our AD, which prompted my quick response to “get them on the schedule”. So we’re ready to rock a game- got the boosters on board, the ad, the girls, the refs. Turns out of all these pieces that go together in this puzzle, we didnt have the other team… who had no idea that there were supposed to come down and play. So that pretty much sucks.

On the upside, the girls played a lot better against Leon the other night. Not the best they have played all season… but a lot better. Lost only 1-0. Bodes well for the tournament this weekend. We’ll have another go at Rutherford. Which is fantastic… because I was nervous that playing them three other times this season wasnt going to be enough. I, personally am glad that I demanded money from the Booster club to go to this tournament to play. Further adding to the value in our going to this thing is the fact that we’re not even going to be playing in the stadium (which is where the “upper division” teams are being showcased (for the college coaches that are supposedly coming to see). So that works out well for us- especially since 7 of our 11 starters are seniors, who will be going to college next year (theoretically). Awesome.

Speaking of which- if any of the Tallahassee peeps are interested, the Chiles Tourney is going to be off the hizzle this weekend. In order to prepare for their run at the state title, Chiles invited a bunch of big timers to come play in the tournament (St. Thomas Aquineas, American Heritage, Mosley, Cardinal Gibbons- very nice!) Should be good soccer!!

And finally, the EPIC FAIL that occurred today:
So I drive to campus today for “Goodie Day” in the pop center. This is where the professors all bring in awesome delicious snacks and noms to munch on throughout the day (which included meatballs, hummus, cookies, pie, bagels and veggies). It takes Nico and me a while to get going, but when we finally get to campus, it takes me 10 minutes to procure a spot in the Restricted lot close to Bellamy. Now, I dont have a Restricted tag on my car anymore- simply because I dont go to campus enough to justify 250.00 on a tag (of course I havent had the time or thought to renew and just get the student tag- but that is a story for another time). But I still have the gate card, so sometimes I chance it. But as I am about to leave the parking lot and head into the building, I see a parking services dude writing tickets for cars in the adjacent lot (also a Restricted Lot). So, cursing, I leave and drive to the students’ White lot (regular student lot). So now, instead of having a five minute walk to my office, I now have a 15 minute walk from the stadium. I am quite pleased with myself for avoiding a ticket by campus parking services… suckas!!

No big deal, I have Nico in the wrap, and we’re cruising. I stroll by the Restricted Lot and not only is the parking services dude gone, but there are several open spots now. Ce la vie. It happens. I proceed to my office, partake in Goodie Day (which was delicious… mmmmmmm…. cookies… and meatballs….) and then leave to go to practice. Guess what was wafting gently in the breeze waiting for me on my car? A FAIL ticket. This, of course, proves my theory that parking services knows exactly when I am on campus and am about to do something illegal. FML.

One thought on “FAIL WEEK

  1. dang…that totally sucks that you cant wear Nico at the game anymore…but on the brightside…it's not exactly a hardship on anybody to hold a super cute baby during the game that they can then send home with the mama to handle the 2am wake up call.


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