Oh Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree.

So this weekend was pretty good.  We spent Friday night and Saturday playing in the Chiles Soccer tournament.  We played Rutherford on Friday night and drew with them (but then went on to lose in PKs) and then played Fernidina Beach on Saturday morning.  We gave up a silly goal 4 minutes in, but then played okay for the rest of the game- resulting in a loss (1-0).  We were set to play against Lincoln for the third game, but the tournament people ended up having to cancel the third game, due a combination of the weather and referees availability.  This is okay with us- since we had already played Lincoln during the regular season (although, I wouldnt have minded another go at them- they didnt look look like they had brought their A- Game…

We got a tree on the way home from the tournament.  I grew up with an artificial tree- so I was sort of ambivalent about getting a real tree (especially since I think having a real tree makes us bad hippies).  Dave is into the smell of the tree- which I totally get.  Its a great smell.  Spent Saturday night, Sunday and today decorating said tree.

I think I am making Dave crazy.  I keep tearing up the house with my projects.  Even worse: I am not packing away one project before moving onto another.  The result is that the house is STILL a disaster area – but I am trying.  Right now I have two wreaths in the works.  I know IE is reading this like, “How about a little less arts and crafts and a little more work on your dissertation?”  To which I would reply- Nico gets very bored with the tapa-tapa-tapa, very quickly.  Whereas with bigger projects involving me making stuff he is a lot more interested.  Ce la vie.  What are you going to do?

Am looking forward to Christmas.  It will probably be pretty crazy.  My family is coming, Dave’s family is coming.  We’re planning on frying a turkey on Christmas day.  While we are at it, we are gonna fry some other stuff too… twinkies, snickers and oreos (just to see how they are) and try our hand at boudin balls (from Randols). and fried green chilli wontons (from the Bristol up in the Lou).  Of course, there will be a cupcake throw down.  My sister, Mom and I are having a cupcake competition.  My mom and I wanted to make our cupcakes from the jumbo muffin tins… Nicole is calling for the standard muffin tins.  We may need to get a ruling in this.  🙂

Am also looking forward to beginning training on the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  Julia, Lauren and Kelly and I are *running* it in March.  I say *running* because there is no way in hell I could keep pace with Julie and Lauren (and definitely not Kelly- who RAN BOSTON.  In fact I see it looking something like this: Kelly finishes 2nd of everyone with a time of 1 hour flat- wearing a pink tutu.  Julia and Lauren run it in an hour and half- also wearing tutus and looking very graceful at that.   And it takes me nearly three hours to complete it and am struck with the fact that there are some elephants who can rock a tutu better than me on any day of the week.  What?   

On an unrelated note: I have decided to start a baby book for Nico.  After flim-flamming around with it, I decided to do it after seeing how Dave poured over his baby book.  Of course, I have this here blog- which has been important for the videos and the pictures of him and whatnot.  The book will be cool, but will be without video.  I wont go over the top with the scrapbooking- but might print some pictures to go in.  I think it will be pretty sweet.  All for now.  Headed to bed. 

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