You’ve got a program featuring America’s favorite old fart. Reading a book in front of a fireplace. Now, I have to kill all of you.

So we are in full-on holiday spirit around here. 

We played our last game before break on Monday night.  We went to Taylor.  We also lost one of our backs in the game.  SR got knocked to the ground pretty hard and hurt her ankle.  I thought she might have just sprained it- the way she was holding it on the field.  But her mom took her to the ortho and we find out yesterday that her season is done.  She’s a senior so its pretty messed up.  You know, its funny with this kid- she was on JV her freshman year and came up as a sophomore.  Didnt play much her first two years- mostly because I didnt know where to play her.  She is probably the fastest thing on two legs I have ever seen in real life.  Last year we played her as a wing midfielder- which worked well for us against good teams- the teams that could switch the ball well.  I have seen her run down forwards attacking on the backside from 40 yards away.  She’d go jogging by and all we’d have to say is, “You gotta catch her, Stevey.”  End of story.  Girl got caught. 

When we lost our big center back this year (she graduated), we moved Stevey into the back because she was so fast.  In fact, we even switched to a three back system, because we have one really tough back, one really smart back and one really fast back.  It was an amazing combination.  Except for our sophomore center back (the really smart one), she had the most number of minutes of anyone on the field (excluding our GK), if you dont count the 2 games she missed for a death in the family. 

Its funny with Taylor.  In the time that Dave and I have coached at Wakulla, we have played them 7 times.  Just under half the games we play against them, we have serious injuries (we lost a girl to an ACL our sophomore year at home, our GK ran into the goalpost our sophomore year at Taylor and now this).  One could argue that the ACL and the head injury had nothing to do with THEM, but rather an unlucky turn of events.  This one, though, its hard to make that case, when the girl threw Stevey down.  Of course, it is a physical sport, and perhaps it would have happened against some one else, or some other way.  The girl that did it apologized, but that isnt going to get Stevey back her senior year.  Its not going to help us figure out who is going to play back there now. 

Of course, it makes my justification for doing IP (injury prevention) harder.  Last year, I instituted a system of IP at practice- mostly just a few drills to help with agility and proper weight bearing- side to side shuffling, speed skaters, one legged hops.  The girls hated them.  But last year was the first year that we didnt lose anyone to a season ending knee injury- so I felt pretty good about making them do it.  This goes to show that all the IP in the world doesnt matter if someone jacks your ankle hard because she is frustrated. 

High school soccer tangent aside, we’ve been trying to get the house in order. Its hard, because Nico doesnt pull his weight very well.  I sit him in his bumpo seat on the table and he’s all like, “I’m gonna eat some pretzel sticks, if you don’t mind”.  Yes, he actually helped himself to those pretzel sticks in the jar on the table.  That is the thing about babies, you’re doing work and all they want to do is get into the snacks. 

I went to the post office today- dont know if yall know this or not, but I am currently partaking in a love affair with, which trades books.  Like, you make a wishlist and when people add those books available to mooch, you contact them and set it up.  Its free, all you have to pay for is to send the books to other people… you dont pay to have books sent to you.  Its awesome.  In any case, I needed to send two books. 

This is what I have come to figure out: there are not many things in this world that make me irate.  But waiting in line at the post office sends me over the top almost every time.  It makes NO SENSE.  Why is there only one person working the desk and there are 12 people in line?  What is priceless is that there were two people working the counter.  As I got to the front of the line, one of them put up their little sign and walked away.  As I got up to the counter someone behind me in line asked, “Is that other guy coming back?” To which I replied, “Its the post office.  What do you think?”  The PO guy who was helping me said, when “He’ll be back when he comes back from lunch.”  It was 10:15. 

I am thinking about boycotting the Postal Service.  Seriously.  I dont do business with companies who I find it a PITA to deal with.  For example, Wal-Mart.  I know I should be all progressive and whatnot and disdain Walmart for their labor policies, etc (like a good hippie).  I should, for all intents and purposes like shopping at Walmart.  A place where I can get ice cream, a car battery, spray paint and jam?  Forget about.  But I  dont shop there because mostly I hate the experience of shopping at Walmart.  Its always an ordeal to go there.  Why should the Postal Service be any different?  In this age of email and UPS how in the hell does the USPS stay in business?  Note to self: find out location of closest UPS store and figure out how to cut the USPS out of the picture.  Snarky comment from my Dad about Government-run health care in 3….2….1….

In any case, the delicate leafy vines that I cut on Sunday to decorate the living room turned out to be a fail.  The vines are all dried up now… they look dead.  There aren’t enough strings of little white lights that make that look good.  Looks like I will get to pull that down this weekend and put something else up there.  I thought about leaving it, hoping that it would look all artistic and whatnot.  Turns out, it looks like some dead vines hanging up there with little white lights.  Holiday decorating: FAIL!

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