Ten minutes with Elton John and you’re gay as a maypole!

Don’t really have time to post a blog.  But I Nico is napping.  On me. I have tried putting him in his bassinet.  I ease him into it only for his eyes to pop open and he starts smiling.  For real.  The last couple of nights have been REALLY bad with the sleeping.  I think because his schedule is pretty messed up- since we’re not practicing or playing right now, he doesnt get the benefit of sleeping in the car on the ride down to Wakulla.  Since we’re busy cleaning and organizing and whatnot, I havent had the patience to sit with him laying on my shoulder to go to sleep.  Come night, he is so agitated and tired that he cant go to sleep. And if he does, he sleeps for an hour and then wakes up mad as hell.  End result, the last couple of nights I’ve been bringing him to bed with us.  HOLY WHAT?  Did Jessi Bishop infant mortality researcher extraordinaire just admit to co-sleeping?  With dogs? In the winter?  Someone take her dissertation away from her!!

So we hit up pagan hour at Borders this morning.  I got Elizabeth Brantly’s “No-Cry Sleep Solution” (my mom, IE, JL and everyone else who warned me about this the sleep monster I created: you were right, I was wrong.  You are smart, I am stupid, you’re incredibly good looking, me not so much <– from Happy Gilmore!).  So now we have to retrain Nico to have better sleep associations.  Theoretically this can be done in 7-10 days.  I guess there is no time like the present, right?

Aside from that, we’ve been in ultra-cleaning mode around here.  Lots of family coming in this week.  Its actually great, because it forces me to get rid of stuff… like, there would be more room in here (which we need because the house is small), if I got rid of these three boxes.  Well, what is in these boxes?  Oh, old cell phone bills dating back to 2006?  SHRED.  Old bills?  Printed email battles?  WHY DO I HAVE ALL THIS?  I need to probably go through this process about once every six months- because I accumlate soooo much stuff.  This was Drake’s contribution:

Nico tried solids for the first time last night.  By “solids” I mean we got the rice cereal and mixed it with breastmilk.  He wasn’t too impressed.  But he “ate” some. 

4 thoughts on “Ten minutes with Elton John and you’re gay as a maypole!”

  1. yay! solid food is fun! wait until you get to the messy veggies and he figures out how to play with the spoon 🙂

    and hang in there with the sleeping, he'll get the hang of it. as i said, sometimes that transition time is harder on mama but it will be worth it in the long run. Trust me. Last night, Lil O slept from 7:30pm until 7 am. Heaven.


  2. Your Dad says:

    Dear Jessi,

    It's a damn shame the baby cries when you need to sleep. Especially since you were such a good baby and slept all the time. When all else fails just handle it like we did with Nicole…make sure he is fed, dry and no diaper pins are sticking him in the butt… then just jack up the stereo and let him cry. Be patient, he'll grow out of it, just like Nicole did. Love, Dad


  3. I get really scared when dogs do human things. Please tell me your dogs do not walk upright. Too much like animal farm — 4 legs good two legs bad.

    Anyway — Cute pictures. Give your baby some gin. Maybe he just needs to unwind after a long day.


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