I’ve had a really lousy Christmas, you’ve *just* managed to kill my New Year’s, if you come back on Easter- you can burn down my apartment.

So in the Bishop family, we have a tradition of Christmas Bowls.  This arose out of the fact that we dont have a fireplace, by which to hang the stockings with care.  Also, since us Bishop kids were so good, Santa often bought us too much stuff to put into our stockings.  So a lot of times, we would get the standard oranges and walnuts, along with candy canes and other doo-dads and that would fill the stocking, plus Santa would have to rummage about in the kitchen for mixing bowls, or metal buckets in the laundry room or whatever.  This seems perfectly natural in my house.  Of course, you know Dave had to make fun of me: “I thought the story went, “The *STOCKINGS* were hung on the mantle with care” not “The bowls were hung on the mantle with care…”  Shut up Dave.
So the family is all in.  JJ surprised us by coming home for Christmas.  I invited his girlfriend Amanda by on Wednesday.  I said if she was going to be in town, then she should drop by.  So, she did.  She said that she had presents for us out in the car and went out to the car to get them.  And when she came back in, she had JJ with her, who was carrying gifts and wearing a Santa hat.  Holy What?  It was completely unexpected. He had told everyone that he would be picking fruit in Melbourne and would be out of touch.  Turns out he was scheming a way to get home.  It was awesome.  He totally had me going.  I have been telling all the girls that he’s picking fruit in Australia and that he wasnt coming home for Christmas.  It was amazing!!
So we spent yesterday (Christmas Eve) cooking.  I issued a cupcake Challange (said with French accent) to my sister and my mom.  Nicole did her thing decorating the hell out of red velvet box cake cupcakes.  Mom made hers from scratch- chocolate with peanut butter cups.  I opted for the Cracker Barrel Coca Cola cake cupcakes.  I also cheated a little, because mine was presented with the standard vanilla ice cream and hot fudge.  But Mom ended up “winning”.  I say “winning” because I think she is sleeping with the head judge (my Dad).  JK- her cupcakes were pretty awesome.  Quite delicious.
Dave’s parents and Aunt Rosie came into town last night.  The brought some craxy weather with them.  Hard gusty winds and rain.  We managed to keep power on all night, but I am curious if any parts of the city lost it.
 All for now.  Have a big day of cooking ahead of me.
Hope you all have a great holiday!!

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