Things taking up my mental bandwidth 4

*Some thoughts.  Isn’t this kid cute?  Yes… he is in a hamper.  But he likes it there.

*Thinking that the cookies and cream cake that Dave left in the fridge for me was delicious.

*Really Cokely?  Really?  I am not usually one to lay blame on anyone.  But really?  Curt Schilling?  Says Jon Stewart: it’s not like republicans are playing chess and democrats are playing checkers. It’s like the republicans are playing chess and the democrats are at the nurses office because they glued their balls to their leg. Awesome.  My parents are happy.

*Nervous about Friday night (District Championship game). 

*Excited for the sweater that my mom is making for Nico.  See, this is how it goes.  I see something I want.  I lament my lack of skill to my mother.  She steps in with the save…. I know, I’m an awful kid.  My mom should be busy surfing the web and finding lots of interesting things, but right now she is too busy making stuff for my kid.  No, I don’t think think she is a sweat shop… its just that all the other babies moms are going do to do awesome things like teach their kids Chinese and science and math… at the very least my kid needs to at least look cute with his little baby sweater.  Suckas!! 

*Resigned to the fact that I will likely not be *running* the half marathon at Disney- more like walking.  Perhaps at a leisurely rate… but whatev. 

*Wishing that I could take my bulletin board from home to work with me…

As it is now, I have a picture frame of my big soccer girls, Nico and one of Dave and me when we got married. Can I just get a job designing inspiration boards for people?  Yes, that is a partial 20 dollar bill in the upper right hand corner.  What happened to that 20 you ask?  Well, Drake ate it.  And its in the back yard somewhere, if you know what I mean. 

*Has anyone tried the new “healthy” menu from Taco Bell?  The Fresco soft steak tacos are amazing.  So are the five layer beefy burritoes.  But I try to avoid those as I think they=morbid obesity=heart attack=early mortality. 

*Did you know that if you deposited 2,000 dollars for a child born tomorrow into an investment account that earns 10% interest for 65 years that by the time your kid turned 65, the account would be worth over a million dollars?  That is amazing!

*Thinking that my parents are geniuses.  I asked for a bird feeder to hang outside Nico’s window… so he can scope some birds.  They are starting to figure it out.  This weekend we had a juvie female blue jay and some other unidentified juvies.  It is pretty much amazing.

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