Almost crawling, yall.

The weekend was pretty good. 

We lost our District Championship game on Friday night… on set pieces- one was perfectly taken, the other was badly defended.  DAMN IT!!  I hate set pieces.  But it reaffirmed a pattern that Dave and I see in watching professional soccer: most goals are scored on set pieces.  We gave up the first goal in about 10 minutes and got our heads down.  It broke my heart a little. 

The field was a sloppy mess.  Slippery.  But at least it wasn’t raining. Click HERE for a link to the article that the Democrat did.  One of our dads (Bill Rollins) took the picture… its pretty amazing.  Am wondering who is going to take pictures for us after his baby graduates? 

The major bummer about it is that now for the first game of Regionals, we have to travel to Pensecola.  BARF.  3.5 hours on a bus?  I’m not a fan.  Some of the parents are working on getting us a charter bus.  But we’re still alive… we have a chance- right?

So Saturday Dave and I had a couple of good long talks about strategy and came up with a game plan… so we had the girls over today to talk about it (they had been wanting a classroom session).  We watched some soccer and did some diagramming.  I hope it helps.  I wish that someone had done that with me when I was in highschool… to be able to see the pressure, see the positioning.  We’ll see. 

It was fun to have them up here… the house seems kind of quiet now.  Nico is so close to crawling… just now, Dave set him on the bed in our room and he has taken to trying to push up into a crawling position.  Doesn’t quite have the strength yet… He can either get his little butt in the air or his little head.  Not both.  But he’s close.  Its pretty cool.

Hope yall had a great weekend. 

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