All Shook Up

I have dried toothpaste on my sleeve. I have no idea how it got there. I also have no plans to try to get it off other than trying to scrape it with my finger.

Not much going on:

Work is slow right now. I never was able to Double Dutch jump rope, but from what I understand, you don’t just run into it and start to jump. You have to time it well- making sure that you ran in at just the right time, just as the ropes were getting where you can keep yourself in play. That is kind of how it is at work… I am just trying to figure out where I can jump in and keep myself in play.

On a completely unrelated matter: Nico took another 3 hour nap at daycare yesterday (awesome). What is not awesome is that they almost had to take him out back and hose him off because he had diarrhea EVERYWHERE. What’s worse, is that I think I am giving it to him. DOH!! The last week or so, I have been mixing a little bit of guacamole in his rice cereal to give it some taste. I thought guac was just mashed up avocado- turns out it sometimes has other stuff in it (like citrus juice, some spices). Some of the “smoother” commercial varieties of it have sour cream in it (which is dairy). Any of these could result in stomach troubles for the Beast. So I guess I need to be a little more careful about what I give Nico to eat-maybe even read the ingredients. Organic Hippie: FAIL!!

Bonus: some of the soccer parents have gotten us a charter bus to go to Pensacola. Yay!! This is going to be awesome. Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than being a grown person riding a school bus… going 4 HOURS to the god-awful end of Florida? Damn, we might as well be playing in Alabama. In any case, I am glad that they did it… for the girls. And for me… there is nothing worse than being shaken to death on a school bus for four hours. Most of the West Florida teams show up to Wakulla in charter busses- I think it might be a little intimidating for the girls (we never go anywhere in a charter bus). I think that they might assume it’s a REALLY REALLY good team, if you’re riding in a charter bus. I am just nervous now that it might jack up our flow (meaning they are going to be all weird and not play). Of course, that doesn’t really mean anything because any day ending in Y might jack up our flow. Me being in a good mood might do it, me being in a bad mood might do it. Us wearing our reds might do it. Us wearing our whites might do it. Us playing on our field might do it. Us playing on someone else’s field might do it. What can I say? Welcome to being a team full of teenage girls.

One thought on “All Shook Up

  1. yeah…and remember that time that dad and aunt judy went on about how hot my store bought quac was, but we couldnt even taste any heat? A lot of the store bought stuff has jalapenos in it too…even if you cant taste it…i bet a baby can.


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