Hey look at me, I’m on the floor!

Something VERY interesting happened yesterday.

So Nico and I got back from Wakulla around 730pm. I had a TON of stuff to do- get soccer stuff and warm stuff ready for the game tonight. Thaw milk and make bottles, etc. I wanted to make some soup that I started the other night (16 bean) and do some dishes. So I put some of Nico’s alphabet tiles on the floor in the kitchen (actually between the dining room table and the kitchen, right by our back door (for those of you who’ve been to our house)). I threw a blanket on it; put Nico in his Bumpo seat and a bunch of toys on the blanket. So I am also doing laundry at the time, cooking, doing dishes. And I hear a quiet thump. I turn around and Nico has managed to get himself out of the Bumpo and is lying on the floor. Wha-WHAT? Yeah!! Little Homey had been leaning and arching in the seat to get toys. I think this time, he just added his legs to the equation and KABLAMO! Onto the floor.

I resisted the urge to swoop down and pick him up (I think he might have hit his head). I looked at him, waiting to see if he was going to start crying. He just looked back with a look that said, “So what? I just figured out how to get out, sucka!!” It was awesome!!

Of course, I rearranged him, so that he would be on the tile and blanket combo. And he scooted off of it five minutes later. Turns out that he would rather be laying on the dirtiest part of the floor of the house (just inside the back door where the dogs go outside) than on the clean blanket I laid on the floor for him. So, there is that!

Looking forward to the trip tonight to Pensacola. We have a lot of awesome parents who are going to be going. I am interested to see of the girls will step up. Will report more later.

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