Mental Bandwidth 4

Things I am thinking about tonight:

1.  Look at the cute sweater my mom made!!  Yes, this is from the “Oooh, I wish I could knit, how I would love to make sweaters for my baby” scam.  Doesn’t my mom rule? You cant see them, but there are turtle buttons on the sweater.

2.  Floored about the jogging stroller I bought on CraigsList today.  I had been lamenting the stroller I bought before Nico came- its kind of cheap and rickety.  This one is pretty pimp.  Am looking forward to trying it out (maybe tomorrow).

On the upside…while I am slightly ashamed to admit it (because I think it makes me a bad American), I did join the facebook group to move the state of the Union from tomorrow night (and theoretically pre-empt Lost) to another night.  This is proof that facebook groups DO work.  Its not that I dont care… its just that, well, its the beginning of the end.  And I have a hard enough time following along without missing half of it because my homeboy decided he wanted to talk to America and get his haters off his back. In any case, I am hoping for a strong finish…something that blows my mind…. not like the Sopranos- which I got and ultimately was like, Ok.  But not anything weak like the Wire- or Seinfield.

24 is on tonight.  Meh. 

4.  In case anyone was going to do this: dont make corn bread muffins in muffin papers.  EPIC FAIL. I guess I will be throwing away 10 tomorrow.  

5. I bought one of those round knitting looms today with the hopes of making Nico some hats… he has exactly three right now, and I couldnt find any this morning.  Am wondering if this actually counts as knitting. 

6. Making some progress on my data for my dissertation.  I am running exactly one day behind schedule right now.  Foresee that extending to two days tomorrow.  But my boss okayed me for half days one day a week so that I can work on it… whoot!!  That’s Dr. Bishop-Royse to you! I didnt spend 8 years in evil graduate school to be Mrs, Thank you very much!

7. So while most people would agree that this kid looks mostly like his Dad, there are moments when I think he looks like me… mostly of pictures of me when I was little.

8. Playing soccer on Thursday against the FSU club team.  Should be awesome.  And by awesome I mean sucky.  Likely going to get my a$$ handed to me.  So I got that going for me.  BARF.

2 thoughts on “Mental Bandwidth 4”

  1. That sweater is amazing. And Nico looks ridiculously cute in it.
    Good to know about the muffins…I have thought of trying that.
    Can't wait for LOST!!


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