The Mad Hatter

So, I may have mentioned this- but this week, I bought one of those circular knitter’s looms things.  Theoretically, you can make anything with it… but I wanted to make some more hats for Nico.  MR’s aunt has been awesome and made some for Nico.  Also we got a couple from one of Dave’s coworkers’ wives.  But I wanted some plain-ish ones that would go with a lot more clothes that he has… plus… he has a tendency to pull them off in the car on the way to daycare… so consequently, there ends up a collection of hats in Dave’s car and Nico has none when I get him from daycare.

So it took me maybe 2-3 hours- mostly while I was nursing Nico or watching LOST.  It doesn’t feel like real knitting… in fact, I feel like I am cheating by using the loom.  But its cute and easy and fast.  Its a little tight right now, but hopefully it will stay on his head (I kind of have to muscle it on).

But isn’t he adorable?

Yes, I will be getting some more yarn tomorrow… I know like 6 other babies that need one- especially since the ground-hog is predicting 6 more weeks of winter.

Not much going on this weekend.  Got some good dissertation work done today.  Am hoping to keep the ball rolling on Sunday- which is when Dave will take Nico out to do whatever.  I am taking Nico tomorrow to meet Ursie and Savannah for cupcakes (be jealous).  Then we are going to hit up the post-office (suck), JoAnns (maybe) and the flea market (maybe) for some veggies and fruits.  Its just that Nico is a lot more fun when he’s out in public.  Very chill- I think he gets bored at home.

All for now.


2 thoughts on “The Mad Hatter

  1. You know what makes me the happiest about you? Beside the fact that your purty AND an ass kicker? And a great mom? And brilliant? For someone that was as shy as you were, you have managed to find some really good, really loyal friends. Usually when you are surrounded by good friends, means you're a good friend yourself.


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