Chronic Fatigue

We had a pretty good weekend around here. I am trying to build in some structured time to work on my dissertation on the weekends… so on Saturday, I got Nico up and out of the house, leaving Dave to his own devices. Nico and I met my friend Ursula and her baby at the Cake Shop for cupcakes. Then we went to the flea market for some produce (including baby bananas and a fruit/vegetable I have never seen before. It’s about the size of an avocado with green skin, but covered in needles, like a porcupine. I bought it ought of curiosity. The gentleman at the produce stand said you boil it in water (I think)). Then we finished off the day by heading to JoAnns for some yarn to make some more hats… I have a yellowish-orange yarn that has been dying to be made into SOMETHING… doubled with some pale pink, I think it’s going to be an awesome hat for Emme (whoot!!)

The thing is, that when I got home on Saturday, I was pretty much wiped out- so I took a nap, which kind of killed the rest of the day. Then I spent Sunday morning working on the dissertation (booo!!) I have a couple of items that I am trying to find- and couldn’t so it was rather frustrating. While I was doing that, Dave and Nico went to IHOP, Best Buy and to get groceries. So it worked out pretty well… we then went to RJ and Bridget’s to watch the Super Bowl. So while it was a really good weekend, the house is a disaster area. And worse, I didn’t get the chance to stage the week- so no clothes have been washed, lunches haven’t been made and the house is dirty.

This picture is from last night, when Dave and Nico were hanging out on the couch. Dave thinks he has chronic fatigue syndrome. I am not sure that being the parent of a 6 month old baby actually qualifies as CFS.

Hope you’re all well. Have a great week!!

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