A penchant for snobbery.

So.  I was in JoAnns a couple of months ago when the desire to learn to knit got the better of me and I bought some soft dove-grey bamboo yarn.  And by bamboo yarn, that is to say, its like 25% bamboo and 75% acryllic (which is synthetic and gives yarn a “stretchyness”.  More acryllic=more stretchy). So, to me, there are two types of yarn at these sorts of stores:  the good stuff and the cheap stuff.  The good stuff has natural fibers in it… cotton, wool, cashmere, mohair, etc. The colors tend to be a little understated.   The cheap stuff is that yarn where you can buy a ludicrous amount of it for 50 cents and which comes in a whole rainbow of shades none of which looks very natural.  Given my penchant for snobbery, you know how this goes… I get my mind set on this bamboo yarn… I pay for it twice what the other stuff costs and get a third of the volume, I try working with it, realize that I am an idiot and pack up my project and sent it to my mom, demanding like a petulant child that she make it work. Well, well, well, color you surprised!

Well… all but the last part.  So I get this yarn and its wonderfully soft…like almost as soft as Nico’s cheek.  That is how soft it is.  LOVE. LOVE  LOVE.  Anyhoo… so, I had, to date, made 4 hats when I started this odessy… and came to the realization that for some types of yarn, it works better if you double or triple it up.  It looks better, it woks better, etc.  So I decide with this grey bamboo yarn that it would need to be triple in order to make a hat.  And guess what isn’t very “stretchy”?  Yeah, this yarn.  Making it the worst yarn in the world to work with. 

So I get about half way in with this project before I realize that it may actually NOT be worth the trouble… but ev… I am in it to win it, as Kelly would say.  So I keep going, despite the fact that the hat is a disaster… its a disater to keep the three balls of yarn straight… really hard when Drake insists on grabbing a ball and running all over the house.  In any case, I finished it tonight. 

Definitely not my best work… by any stretch of the imagination.  But I love the hat… its soooooooo soft.  Of course, since its not stretchy, it may actually be too loose for his head… but I love it.  And its the least functional of the hats I have made. 

Oh… and yes.  I do rule, thanks for asking!!

I swear, making them on the loom is amazing.  So much so that I have decided when I am done with the next two (a larger one for a grown up and a smaller one of a sweet little baby girl I know), I am totally going to keep doing it… there is a group that does charity knitting projects on the web… they pick a different charity every month and put out the call on the internet.  and people send stuff… so I think I am going to do that with some of the scraps. 

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