Sitting in the corner…

So Nico has been sitting lately.  This is pretty recent… at the beginning of the month, he’d been trying.  But would topple over pretty quickly.  He is now sitting upright pretty well by himself.  Awesome.
I ended up making the cupcakes last night with sweet potato casserole filling- as I couldnt find pumpkin.  They were delicious.  I highly recomend. 
I have been on a quest of late to perfect my hummus recipe.  You see, I love the Sabra brand of hummus… its got a lot of flavor and its very smooth.  My hummus, while very good (I think) isn’t quite as smooth.  So I was experimenting last night.  I got to the point where the texture was about right, but it had no flavor.  So I got out what I thought was the garlic powder to add some flavor… turns out I misread the bottle and got the garlic salt (instead of the powder).  Which resulted in overly salty hummus 😦  which is probably too salty for normal human consumption.  Hummus: FAIL!
Hope you’re all well. 

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