Wiped Out

Good night last night.  We had the Senior All-Star Game at FSU.  Its a really cool event in that for a lot of these girls, they will never again get the chance to play at some place like FSU… in front of such a large crowd, on a field that means so much.  To a lot of these girls (including the Wakulla county girls) they have been coming to Noles games for four years and idolozing players for that long.  So its cool that FSU hosts it. 

Its not really an All-Star game in the sense of the word “All-Star”.  Because really, if it were actually an All-Star game, we’d let underclassmen play, and the weaker players wouldn’t… but it’s supposed to be fun.  Our seniors plus Norma Rae who came to watch!

Here’s Nico and me. 

Both Dave and I are pretty wiped out.  Generally, the weekends help us recover from the previous week but also fuel up for the coming week… so that generally we can usually make it to Thursday before we feel the grind.  But then you go into work on Thursday and its lunch time before you know it… you can eek out the rest of the day, then suddenly its Friday.  Fridays are okay… then its the weekend again. So this past weekned with the driving and the stress and everything means that we are pretty much wiped out now.  I guess I should have thought about that before I made us watch LOST when we got home at 11pm last night. 
All for now… Hope you’re well. 

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