A whole bucket of cute…

Nico and I went down to Ocala on Saturday… it was originally supposed to be a “have fun finishing that degree in Sydney” thing for JJ… but he decided not to go back this semester (insert rant about program).  But Mom had already gotten the hotel rooms so we went anyway.  Turns out it was pretty fun and so we will probably keep doing something like it- it would get us a weekend to get out of dodge.  Maybe do something kind of funsie in the central Florida area.

In any case, Nico was really really snotty.  Like, couldn’t breath out of his noise snotty.  He had been getting a little snotty on Thursday and Friday- which makes it hard for him to nurse (because you gotta breath through your nose for that).  So consequently, he didnt eat well, which leads to not sleeping well.  Of course, the constantly running nose and a mom that is always trying to wipe your nose leads to your little nose getting kind of raw… the result is that you have a big fit whenever she gets near your nose with one of those snot sucker things… Nico ran a fever most of the weekend and didnt feel well generally.  He napped a lot and was overall kind of cranky.

So we get back last night and I start taking his temperature- which ranged from 100.5 to 102.5.  He was up and down all night with the sleeping and trying to nurse but not being able to.  So we kept him home today- and he was pretty cranky for most the morning.  We got some good naps in and finally around 330 today he was a LOT better.  I think he’s about to cut a tooth- he’s been gnawing on his hand all day.   Overall, he’s been very snuggly (read: needy)- which is annoying when you called in sick to work… because, damn I could get some stuff DONE!!  But I opted for laying around with Nico and getting some naps in.  And I watched part of Armageddon.  Again.  

In the picture, he’s wearing a sweater that Granny You made him.  We’ve been on a epic voyage to find a sweater that is easy enough for me to knit it… given that I dont have time to learn another language (which is essentially what you have to do to learn to knit.  The bonus here, is that it’s almost identical to a sweater that Dave has.  Its a little big right now (made for 18 month old) so he has to wear the sleeves rolled up.  But I think he is pretty much adorable.

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