Screamy McScreamerson

What is the news around here? The beat-down that is the Legislative Session starts today.  Woo hoo.  Can you sense the excitement? Yeah, I am beside myself.  I am always said to see February go.  The highschool season usually starts with preseason in September, then goes through January.  Session usually goes March and April, then club soccer starts again in May through July.  August and February are the only months of the year where we dont have major time committments going on. 

The cold that I got last week has pretty much gone away, but has left behind a sinus infection.  So I got that going for me, which is nice.  I haven’t had a sinus infection in YEARS.  So its nice to be back here.  I am a little bit annoyed with “social ettiquette” which discourages me hocking up all of this phlem in my nose and throat.  STUPID OFFICE JOB!!

I had a fantastic workout last night.  Last night kind of sucked for Dave because Nico cried pretty much all night.  You see, after work, I got some groceries and went home to make some dinner and do some dishes.  When Dave was done with work, I packed Nico in the car and we went to get him… which lately he has just had a huge problem with… I dont know if its because he was playing and now I am putting him in the car to go… or its because its dark. Or what.  So consequently, Dave had to deal with Nico last night while i was at the gym.  Which sucks.

You know, its amazing to me, how big this kid has gotten.  His face has changed so much.  It’s really remarkable.  All for now. 

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