Yoga Baby

Not much new to report.  LOST last night?  Wha-what?  The best part was the end where Kate’s face is like, “WTF just happened?”

We did some “yoga” when we came home from work and school yesterday. Dave got me a mom-baby yoga dvd just before Nico was born. I thought it was going to be all lets just lay on the floor and look at each other…. turns out it was kind of hard. Like lots more movement than I was looking to expend. But I think Nico might grow to like it.

I earned the worst mom ever award last night.  For some reason, Nico was really pretty crank-tastic by dinner time.  He was off the rails pretty quickly- the only thing he was interested in was putting the lid of the container for baby food in his mouth.  So I fixed his wagon and put some carrots on it.  Which made a big mess, but I think he at least got some noms in him. 
I think we have also outgrown the bumpo seat for good now.  At least for dinner time.  Maybe time to finally get a high chair.  One thing that I saw a couple of weeks ago, which I absolutely love is a little chair thing that you can pull up to a counter or an island where the kid can stand (but still be protected with rails and stuff) so they can help you cook without you constantly having to worry about them falling down.  RJ and Bridget had one that was ingenius.  Of course, it doesn’t make much sense to have one of those in our house just yet… not only do we not have an island, but the kitchen is too small for one person to be in it, let alone all that. 
I used a new kind of baby shampoo on Nico last night that isnt as “baby friendly” as the packaging would lead you to believe… filling the bathroom with shrieks of pain when I accidentally got some suds in Nico’s eyes.  Man! He was pissed! Poor guy!
All for now. 

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