Mental Bandwidth 7

1.  I am finally starting to see why one of JD’s favorite channels is the Food Network.  They have some awesome shows!!  My previous experience with the Food Network was at my sister’s place in Dallas (she’s a huge Sandra Lee fan) For some reason, I had a really hard time with the Barefoot Contessa… she just seemed really smug.  But she’s grown on me.  I love Paula Deen (who looks eerily like one of our girls’ moms), Tyler and the Neelys (BTW- why the hell have I never been to the Lady and Sons in Savannah?  What is wrong with me?  I have been to Savannah like 6 times in the last 5 years…WTF?).  I dont know where this obsession with food has come from lately- except that I have been cooking A.LOT and have realized that its hard to have variety when you’re cooking.  Its very easy to fall into the same traps of 3-4 main dishes and 3-4 sides.  And when you’re cooking for my husband (who likes his vegetables to be void of nutritional content- because they have been cooked to death), its even harder. When you’re trying to eat healthy, its harder still.  Really, there are only so many times a week that I can eat a salad.  Real conversation yesterday as Dave was going to judo:

Jessi:  So I am thinking about a big chef salad for dinner tonight.
Dave: I am sad for me.
Jessi: Why- it will be good!
Dave: can you put some tuna or salmon or something on my salad?

On a somewhat related matter:  did you know that there are iphone apps for the Food Network and for Martha Stewart?  Milka-what?  I get a notification once a day with a suggestion from Martha for what to cook tonight.  Her suggestion for tonight: gemelli pasta with Sausage, Swiss chard and Pine nuts.  Which sounds very similar to one of my favorite dishes in the world (Mackin’ Cheese from FGF). 

2.  Goin to the gym tonight!  Suckas!  The last time I went (Monday night) I made myself kind of sick.  Dont know if that is good or bad.

3.  Wondering why can’t I be a millionaire socialite who does lots of charity.  Want to start making hats, blankets, etc. for newborns.  But then there is that pesky dissertation.  Boo!!

4. Am I the only one who is extremely excited about the new Karate Kid?  TRAILER
Yes, I am aware that this current iteration appears to not deviate AT ALL from the original.  But isn’t that little Smith kid adorable?  From the nose-up, he looks JUST like his daddy. 

5. Nico seems to have some sort of tummy bug.  He ralphed all over himself twice yesterday on the way to school… and had 5 blowouts yesterday. Ralphed again twice today.  Called the pediatrician and they say not to worry yet.

6. Anyone see the new grilled cheese burger sandwich from Hardees?  I want to go to there.  This may require a drive down to Crawfordville Friday after I get Nico from school.  Mmmmmm. 

7. Looking forward to seeing my girls this weekend! 

All for now. 


2 thoughts on “Mental Bandwidth 7

  1. There's a Hardees in the Union, you know. A lot closer than Crawfordville. Will do some recon and see if they have that grilled cheese cheeseburger artery killer.


  2. we both blogged about Barefoot contessa on the same day? sister- win!

    i am glad she is growing on you. She is pretty much awesome. did you know that she is a former nuclear policy analyst for the white house? smug-a-what?


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