Bobby Flay aint got nothin on me!

We had a pretty low key weekend around here.  Nico was still dealing with his stomach bug on Saturday morning, so we decided to stay put and not partake in the 4 hour drive to Orlando… how terrible would that be?  Ohai- I am not going to run in the race because I couldnt get the training in…. here is my baby, isnt he cute?  What?  Now you’re sick too?  Awesome!!  It was kind of a bummer- but one of those things.  Now I am a parent now, its not just me.  Thanks, Nico!!!

Dave seems to be having a hard time getting completely over this thing.  He’s still nauseated and feeling sick to his stomach.  That’s not good!

Me- I seem to be okay.  Proving once again that I have an amazing immune system. Whoot!!

I got some good disertation work done this weekend.  My data is completely good to go- now its just a matter of sorting out the models.  I already got two big questions for the poster I am presenting in Dallas next month answered.  Its not exactly ahead of schedule, but I am chugging along.  I feel the need to get it poppin’ though, because February went by in a blink and now I see that March appears to want to do the same. 

On a completely unrelated matter- I was thinking about it this morning- but Dave and I dont read to Nico every day.  Is that bad?  I know we should.  Its just that usually when I have gotten home, made dinner and gotten Nico to eat, he goes down hill pretty fast, where he is okay to being fussy to WTF?!!  We’ve tried reading before bed time (after the bath), but he’s usually not into it.  Anybody have any suggestions?

On another completely unrelated matter- my new obsession:

I was watching one of the shows on the Food Network called The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  It was an episode about breakfasts.  One of the segments was about about this stuffed french toast that Bobby Flay loves.  Basically it entails peanut butter and banana.  I went to make it for dinner this weekend and realized that I didnt have any eggs, so rather than being french-toasty, I decided to make it a’la Jessi Bishop style and add a smidgeon of chocolate and marshmallow fluff.  It is absolutely delicious.  Mmmmmmm.  And I don’t think its THAT bad- I only used one piece of bread, and only a smidge of fluff and peanut butter. 

3 thoughts on “Bobby Flay aint got nothin on me!

  1. it's hard to read to them everyday when they dont really care. This will probably rectify itself. As he gets older and starts showing an interest…you'll read to him because that is what he is interested in.

    In the meantime…i would recommend making sure that he always has access to age appropriate books. If you are putting him on a blanket to play while you get stuff done…make sure you mix a couple of books in with the toys.


  2. we don't necessarily read to O every day but I will tell stories of what happened to me during the day which is sorta like a story. As long as you are talking to him, I think it's ok. And yes, I agree with Nicole- put books around for him to play with/look at/bite the corners.

    Missed you this weekend!


  3. It's never too early to start telling him things like, “When I was a little girl, I had to walk to the swamp to get to school. There was a pond on the corner that had a gator in it. I could have DIED going to school.”

    Also, have you looked to see what the library has in the way of audio books. he can listen to one as he goes off to sleep. Pooh, Stewart Little, Charlotte's Web — it's the voice.


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