Look at our kid!  Isn’t he the cutest little meatball ever? 
 There are times when I catch a glimpse of him and see myself.  His expression in this pic is so much like a picture of me that my mom has (I think I was maybe a little bit older than him and was wearing a blue shirt). 
 Not much to report today.  The FSU childcare center is closed this week for Spring Break so we have been taking Nico down to C-Ville (one of our former players’ moms keeps kids in her house).  He did pretty well yesterday.  Its a very different set up (from FSU).  It’s funny because at FSU he is in with babies… who are, let’s be real here, kind of boring.  At Terry’s place, there are several little kids running around.  I think Nico is probably entertained by watching all the commotion.  I know I would be.  
All for now- doing some actual werks today.  And yes, I did just spell that werks. 

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