So get out your annual legislative clerks manual.

Not much going on around here.  Things are starting to pick up at my work and Dave’s is outta control.  This week has been hectic because of preparation for the Press Skits.  Its a somewhat annual thing where the Press Corps gets together to make fun of legislators and lobbyists.  Its pretty great.

Dave did the opening monologue- which is pretty much like at the beginning of SNL.  Last night he performed a song about the Legislators, sort of like Adam Sandler’s Hannukah Song.  It was pretty fantastic. 

Nico was a peach.  I wore him in the wrap and he just hung out.  He watched a lot.  Then he went to sleep.  Overall, he was awesome.  Taking your baby everywhere:  FTW!!  (BTW, that is For The Win for my mom.  I used to think it meant F* The World, but I apparently am in the minority… so For The Win). 

We did get a picture with the Governor.  So that is pretty cool. 


All for now.

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