100th post… and it seems like just yesterday I was starting this thing…

100th post- yay!! 

Not much going on.  Today Nico is going for his 6 month appointment.  At 7.5 months.  Meh. 

His original appointment was scheduled for the day AFTER Royse’s car died in Leesburg… which wouldn’t have been a problem, except that Dave had two work things in the morning and I had a meeting so doing the whole switcharoo with the cars wasn’t going to happen in time for me to take Nico to the doctor.  I knew full-well that meant that I would probably not be able to get him in for another 6 weeks (our pediatrician is pretty popular).  So here we are, six weeks later.  Speaking of which… what is the advantage to having a pediatrician care for your child rather than taking your child to your general practitioner?  Our ped is kind of a baller and has been in business a while.  His practice is usually humming along pretty good any time we go in.  While appointments usually go for 6 weeks or more out, they are pretty okay on the phone answering questions when I call.  However, they dont take our insurance- so we usually have to fork over at least  a couple of hundred bucks (to be reimbursed by the insurance, but still). And it’s usually a beat down and a half when we go, which usually include 2 hour waits. 

If we took him to mine and Dave’s doctor, we wouldn’t have the waits, plus they bill our insurance so we would only have a copay.  Plus, he could get us in quicker.  Of course, he isn’t exactly a rock star yet (he had just opened his practice 3 years ago when I started seeing him).  But how much does it matter?  To see a ped over a general practitioner?  I know intellectually, that it is the difference in residencies, I think.  A ped spends most of the meaningful part of med school working on kids, where as a general practioner spends a semester or a couple of weeks working on kids. 

So there is that today.  Which means, I am working a partial day today so I can then go and spend the rest of the afternoon at the doctor.  Which should be pretty fun.  I am prepared though… I have the Kindle, a snack, Nico’s wrap and a diaper bag full of the goods plus a couple of books and toys.  So I should be good to go.  Any of my Tallahassee peeps want to bring me a Cranberry Crush smoothie from Tropical Smoothie?  Oh, no?  Okay.  Fine. 

Got some good data work done this weekend.  I don’t want to breath mention of it, but I may be getting close on finalizing analyses for the poster.  Then its just slapping things into a poster so that it is somewhat coherrent.  We decided to change the plans for the conference and leave Nico and Dave at home.  I will fly in on Wednesday night and fly out on Friday evening.  It will be weird, I think not to have Nico with me- but I knew this day was coming. 

I have been thinking about doing something differnet with my hair.  I thought about going dark again.  Feel free to keep your snarky comments to yourself.  I think part of the problem I am never really happy with my hair when I dye it dark(er) is that it’s not really dark dark… and usually ends up being a darkish kind of red.  Or maybe I will just cut it.  Don’t judge me… but I really like Felicity Huffman’s hair from Season 5 of DH (before she got cancer?  I dont know, I have never watched an episode of DH in my entire life… I am guessing at the results from my google image search):

I also like Christina Applegate’s from “Samantha Who?”  but maybe its too curly?  I dont know… part of the problem is that I have really thick hair, so usually 1.5 days after I leave the hair place, I look like a Q-tip because my hair is buckwild. 

So Friday, while Nico and I were waiting for Dave to get home (so we could go to the Black Bean) I played ball with the boys.  We have one of those awesome tennis ball thrower things.  But Dave and I have thrown probably 30 balls over the fence, so we dont have any tennis balls.  But Gordon was fine playing with the soccer ball.  I was sitting in the chair holding Nico. I dont really kick like that… but I was trying to get it past Gordon.  Turns out he is a pretty good GK.  Hilarious!

Have a wonderful Monday!

2 thoughts on “100th post… and it seems like just yesterday I was starting this thing…

  1. love BOTH of those cuts…they are actually kind of similar…just parted different…and Sam Who uses a barrel iron to get her curls. Unless you want to spend 45 minutes curling everyday…i think you should have your stylist show you how to style like Felicity.

    Also…why cant you switch pediatricians? There has to be more than one in Tally?


  2. peds with the girls. gp for jj. liked the gp better. less problems with the gp. jj turned out okay.

    as far as hair — what about if you didn't touch the dye job, and then got it cut short like you wore it in high school. The underneath part would be your regular color — un-dyed. Then in a couple of months, get it cut again, cutting off more of the blonde. You could curl the longer top part if you want or let them go soft and floppy. And then go dark brown. So you're not trying to dye bleached hair. Just an idea.


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