80th percentile for height? WOWZERS!!

So we went to the pediatrician yesterday.

In the past, going has been pretty much a beat down.  So yesterday I was prepared.  I had a diaper bag loaded down with books and toys.  A bottle of water and a snack for me.  The Kindle for reading.  I had  a blanket to sit on on the floor… I left the car seat in the car because the waiting room is tiny and I hate trying to deal with it and the boy and the diaper bag.  I put the wrap on in case Nico wanted to just hang out. I was prepared.  So imagine my surprise and dismay when we got in there and I got down on the floor with Nico and five minutes later they called us.  Milka-what?  We saw the NP, got our shots, got weighed and measured and checked out and were back in the car in an hour.  WHA-WHAT?  What just happened here?

So that was good.  We got some shots yesterday… supposed to get 5 (I think) but we added regular flu and swine flu as well (I would like it to be noted that I would prefer to let him get Flu and let his system fight it out, which is how I tend to deal with my own illnesses. But apparently you don’t do that with “babies” whose immune systems aren’t “developed”.  Whatev.

Nico weighs 18 pounds and 10 ounces, which is in the 50th percentile.  His head is 42 cm I think, which puts him in the 95th percentile (and also makes me worried that he might have the Jessi Bishop/Elaine Benitz syndrome- what?  we have big heads).  His height?  27 3/4 inches, which is in the 80th percentile.  HOLY!!  What?  Granted, 27 3/4 inches was how tall Emme and Max were when they were born… but wow!  80th percentile.  That is awesome!  I guess stretching him a wrack really does work!!  Just jokes, DCF.  Just jokes, I wouldnt stretch my kid on a wrack.  Unless I thought it would up the odds that he could play in the Prem.  Oh wait… it could.  Doh!!  Still just jokes!

Of course, if Nico may already be showing signs of not wanting to play in the Prem.  He is getting to be quite a dancer:

So maybe it’s Dancing with the Stars?

He’s not sleeping very well lately.  We’ve been transitioning him out of the carseat he has been sleeping in to the crib (like they are doing at daycare).  But he doesn’t stay asleep for very long and is hard to get to sleep.  Of course, the baby lit says that he may be going through a growth spurt right now… added to getting shots yesterday, I guess I shouldnt be surprised.  I’m just a little worried.  I heard on that parenting show on NPR that sleep deprivation in the first year of life is associated with decreased higher-order thought function capabilities in older kids…. I hope this isn’t going to mess him up for learning algebra and chemistry.  I would hate for that to keep him from being a doctor. Or from being a genius.  That would suck.

Not much going on around here.  Our friend Flav is coming over to watch LOST tonight.  I made Chicken Pot Pie.  I think its going to be delicious.  The next step is to get some of those little small baking dishes, so that you can bake individual pies in their own baking dish.

For those of you who are not friends with my sister on facebook, I am posting a picture of Emme in a tutu and converse all-stars- mostly for my friends Julia, Lauren, April and Kelly.  I think they would get a kick out of it.  The great thing about Emme in a tutu?  She looks like its completely natural- like Kelly and Julia in tutus.  Awesome.

Isn’t she just a whole bucket of cute?  Couldn’t you just eat her up?  Of course, she isn’t nearly as cute as Nico is today.  Granny You sent us a box this weekend, with several pairs of overalls in it (True Story: Granny You and Mama totally love babies in overalls. Babies in overalls= SUPER CUTE!)  Nico is wearing a pair of overalls and a little matching shirt.  If he had a pair of boots and a cowboy hat he would look like he is getting ready to go drive a tractor somewhere.  Will try to get a picture of him later.
All for now.  Heart.

One thought on “80th percentile for height? WOWZERS!!

  1. yeah…so instead of blogging myself today…i should have just linked to your post…since i said pretty much exactly the same thing and posted the same pic. great minds my friend..great minds.

    So yay for 80th percentile…and it actually works out well that his head is on the bigger side…how weird would he look if he was all 80th percentile and then had a teeny head? yeah…beetlejuice.


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