I think I am going to dye some eggs for Easter with Nico. 

We didn’t go completely buckwild craxy at Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day with Nico.  However, one of my favorite pictures from childhood is a picture that I borrowed stole borrowed from my mom of my dad, Nicole and me at Easter.  I must have been about 3, because Nicole is VERY little.  We were in the house that my mom and Dad were building.  The walls weren’t finished yet, so it was perfect for hiding eggs.  The picture is of us hunting for Easter eggs.  I would like to dye some eggs with Nico and get him me him an Easter basket and some Easter Candies (for me him me).  Hey!  I can get on board with any holiday where I can get cadberry eggs.  MMMMMM.  Cadberry Eggs. 

Thinking about doing something different than standard dye… but dont know what. 

Easter hasn’t been the same though, since they stopped making the marshmallow eggs.  Do you guys remember those?  They had kind of a thick candy shell- came in pastels and were individually wrapped?  Shaped like eggs (sort of)? 

One thought on “CANDY!! OMG!! EASTER!!!

  1. you can use some food for natural dyes: beets make a lovely red/pink, yellow onion skins yellow, spinach green. there's all kinds of recipes out there for you hippies. Or go to the farmers market. some people raise chickens that lay pastel eggs…acruna? something like that.


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