Mental Bandwidth

*It is 125 am and I just finished a draft of the poster I am presenting at PAA in Dallas.  To be honest, I hate MS Office.  I hate publisher and powerpoint.  I hate the fact that I keep dragging tables to resize but Publisher wants to act like I didn’t.  Oh no you did not!  In any case, I am feeling pretty good about the poster.  It’s funny, this process has helped me realize how much I have evolved as a grad student since my first poster many a semester ago.  I now realize that the less on the poster, the better.  Text only for intro/purpose and a discussion.  Tables and figures for everything else.  Seriously, if you cant say it in a table for a poster, you don’t need to be saying it.

*I liked this staying up late working thing a lot better when I would drink regular mountain dew and consume little Debbie Snack cakes.  Mmmmm… swiss cake rolls.

*Speaking of sweets:  If any of you were looking for a Happy Easter gift for me.  Here is something:

These are called Marshmallow Eggs.  I want to go to there.  I love them.  So when you all do your grocery shopping in the next couple of weeks, keep your eyes peeled for them… usually they are on clearance after Easter.  I love them.  I will buy them off you. And no… you can’t have too many.

*I am very motivated to get this poster done, so I can have a weekend of productive cleaning.  Seriously, I have PILES of clean laundry that need to be put away.  Not to mention several crafts projects (want to do a couple of newborn knit hats for Newborns in Need).  I feel like my soul needs to be spring cleaned.  If that makes any sense!? 

*New running shoes came today… hoping to get to the trail a couple of times this weekend… so that I can train for the Muddy Buddy.  Whoot!!

*Nico is prolly going to wake up soon.  REALLY miss watching good tv at 2 in the morning.  Boo!

* Looking forward to dying some eggs on Saturday.  Whoot!

*Nico’s Easter outfit came today!!  You will love it!!  He is just a whole basket of cute!!

*Why the hell am I so jazzed about Easter?  I am 30 years old!

One thought on “Mental Bandwidth

  1. Suddenly with kids in your family all of the holidays are new and fun again, just like when you were a kid!! Isn't that a neat thing about being a parent?


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