Mimosas and Friends

Easter!!  ZOMG!!  
Nico and I dyed Easter eggs on Saturday.  In the Bishop family, this usually entailed several dozen eggs (what- we like deviled eggs… and egg salad!!)  But since Nico is so little and because he is into EVERYTHING we only dyed about 10 eggs.    At first he was pretty into it- I think he was interested in what we were doing.  I tried to explain to him that he wanted to keep his hands out of the dye (the water was pretty warm) but he insisted.  Consequently he got his little fingers hot and managed to dye them a lovely shade of brown (which is what happens when little baby fingers dunk into red, blue, green and yellow dye).  Then he decided he was done with the whole dying of the eggs thing… and commenced trying to eat the paper towells, trying to get away (we were sitting on the floor) and trying to eat the eggs.  Oh, babies!

We spent the rest of Saturday hanging around the house.  We ended up at a coworker’s party on Saturday night (in honor of the Final Four), which was pretty fun.  I have decided that the coworker’s wife is pretty much amazing.  I am thinking about asking her to join my wolf pack (its pretty exclusive).  She is a PhD student in Communications and is pretty badass… so she was fun to hang out with.  Plus, Nico was a peach. 

Here he is standing up in his crib.  We have two big windows in the house, both on the front- one in the living room and one in Nico’s room.  I have a bird feeder hanging out side of it, and so, he really likes just standing up in the crib and looking out.  Sometimes there are birds in the bird feeder, sometimes squirrels int the yard or dogs and their people walking by.  I think he might end up being a busy body. 

The easter egg hunt on Sunday!! It was pretty fun.  I think Nico had a blast.

Sunday morning, we went to a brunch at one of Dave’s other coworker’s houses.  They have an amazing house- which Dave and I have decided we are going to steal.  The Easter Bunny brought Nico this little outfit for Easter- it is a onesie with a tie appliqued on it.  So Nico got a little dressed up to go.  In the word’s of the infamous Snoop Doggie Dog: “Pimp’s in the crib, ma, Drop like it’s hot!”  HA!

In all, it was a pretty good time.  We hashed out the problems of the world, including race and gender.  So that was good.  I have decided that Mimosas made with champagne and passion fruit juice are delicious. 


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