Grabide Sidibe

Not much going on around here. Things are busy.  Per usual, I have way too much to do tonight- packing, washing clothes and whatnot.  Plus, I wanted to set Dave and Nico up with some pre-prepared food for Wednesday and Thursday nights, so they dont have to do a lot of cooking.  But I wanted to go see the softball girls play at Chiles tonight… so maybe a mad dash home to do some cooking then out to the game? 
Speaking of the girls.  I dont think I have mentioned it, but as of now, we have two girls who are going to be playing college ball.  One is playing softball (the pitcher) at Waycross (Georgia).  Our goalkeeper is going to play at Thomas next season (they offered her scholarship money).  Plus, we have one more who has been going on tryouts and has been offered spots on teams (she is just looking for scholarship money at this point).  Isn’t that awesome?  I am pretty stoked.  While I am floored for the pitcher (she has been awesome for us for the last couple of years, even taking a turn in the back to play as a defender, till we decided we needed her in the midfield), I am not really that surprised.  She is the kind of kid that you knew when she was a sophomore that she would.  But our GK?  Even awesomer, because I am not sure that she really ever believed that she could until recently.  Her attitude as a sophomore was, “Yeah, that would be cool.”  I dont think she believed that she could until I told her she could… when she started playing club ball and saw how much she improved in the last year and a half. 
As it is now, all 7 of our 7 seniors are going to college (2 year or 4 year school).  One is playing softball, one is playing soccer (so far).  Will find out more in the next couple of weeks.  I am pretty impressed. I was in a meeting a couple of weeks ago and started writing down our potential roster for next year… about three quarters of our squad will be juniors.  Wha-What?  So not this year, but next, we will have the same problem we had this year: huge turnover.  That is crazy talk! 
In any case, Big Bend starts up in a couple of weeks.  Looking forward to it. I think it will be good.  We are going to try to do three times a week- two normal practices and one that is an optional fitness/pickup practice.  I am not really sure what we are going to do with Nico.  Maybe take him and the pack and play and let him play by himself?  Although, he really starts to get cranktastic right around 7…
Speaking of cranktastic- we have this baby backpack thing that a friend gave us, that is essentially, a baby pack with a frame.  Its great because you can set it on the floor/ground like a chair.  Nico seems to like being in it-the only problem is, that he think is Grabide Sidibe lately… which means that he likes to grab my hair and pull.  When do they start understanding “No!”?

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