In the D-F-Dub

Had a really fantastic last couple of days.

I want to go on the record:  I have a problem.  Sometimes when I am doing something out of the ordinary (like traveling), I like to, because I am crazy, know when I am leaving… weeks in advance- because our life needs weeks notice for things out of the ordinary.  The thing is, that sometimes I am so convinced of something that I dont bother to check on the minute details.  For example, I was so convinced that my flight left Tallahassee for Dallas at 4:55 pm Wednesday, that I didnt bother to check it… in the run up to PAA.  I knew I was leaving 4:55 pm like I know my social security number.  Imagine my shock and dismay when I couldnt check into the flight in Tallahassee at 4:10 because the flight had already closed.  Wha-What?  It takes 10 minutes to go through security under the worst of circumstances in Tallahassee… so what is with this situation?  Apparently the flight was actually scheduled for 425… and since the world doesnt revolve around me and my schedule, the flight actually left at 425.  So that was annoying… I got rebooked for the next day- and can say that I actually had a positive experience with American Airlines.  I know… weird.

In any case, I got in on Thursday and had to automatically go straight to the hotel because the conference was in full swing.  I ❤ PAA.  I really do.  They take nerdery to a whole other level there.  Its so intellectually interesting to see sessions where people present their research… on topics that range from Asian Population Data to Marriage and Unions to the Census (BTW, Quote of the Conference:  "The 2010 Census: Easier than your girlfriend and Faster than your boyfriend!"  Whoot!!)

My poster went well- had a great conversation with someone from Austin about it. May have been insightful for my dissertation… which was the point of going.

I didnt get too spend much time with the Bishop-Bains… but oh!  How adorable Maddox and Emme are.  Maddox was so excited when he saw me that he couldnt talk…he started like five different thoughts all at once, spinning them out one after another without completing the prior one.  He is so talkative and just really good.  We had a conversation about these little mini oreo cookies that are covered in chocolate whereby he proclaimed them to be a “choking hazard.”  Awesome.

And Emme is just so juicy… she is starting to get the “eyebrows of judgement” where she looks at you with her eyebrows raised like, “Dude, what are you doing?  You’re an idiot!”

Nicole and Cody amaze me with their house… they have done a lot of the big ticket items (updating kitchen, remodeling bathrooms, etc.)  It was really cool to see all the effort all over the house.

I had lunch with JCD on Friday… it was great to catch up.  She seems to be doing well at her job… I think it wont be long till she is running the whole show.  She seems to be pretty happy with the job.  Going to and from lunch, I got a little foot tour of the Downtown area (I even got to take the DART around Dallas for a bit -rather than trying to drive in downtown with the interstates and the interchanges (BARF!)).  It is funny, I have been to Dallas several times and this was the first time I rode the DART! 

I flew back with no problems (BTW- I love not having connections- its pretty rad).

Saturday was pretty cool- Dave, Nico and I hit up the Springtime Arts festival in downtown and even got out to the Meadows to see several of our girls play CSA (Capital City Soccer League).  I had no idea so many of them were playing.  Its great to see!

Then Sunday, I went for a bike ride with LRM on the St. Marks Bike trail.  We parked at the bottom and did 6 miles out and back, followed by lunch at the Riverside.  It is training for the Muddy Buddy down in Orlando (a bike/running race complete with a wade through mud at the end).  I made it back in time for Dave to go play soccer.  Nico and I chilled at the house… till he got too cranky…. then he had to get an attitude readjustment (a forced nap).   

When he woke up we drove out to the Meadows to see Dave play.  Altogether a pretty great weekend!

I leave you with this:

Isn’t he adorable?!!

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